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Choosing the Right Cleaning Service

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Standard Cleaning

Standard cleaning would cover our most basic house cleaning service. It includes all of the standard chores that you might do on your own each week. Standard house maid services in Denver include:

-Floor cleaning (sweeping, mopping, vacuuming)
-Furniture cleaning (dusting, polishing)
-Bathroom plumbing fixtures and mirror
-Kitchen countertops, appliances,
  and plumbing fixture
-Tidy up rooms and take out trash

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Move In/Out Cleaning

When moving out, you are responsible for making sure you leave the place clean for the next occupants. You'll also want your new home clean as well. We offer the following move in/out cleaning services:

-The standard cleaning plan plus
-Carpet cleaning service
-Clean windows, window coverings,
  and baseboards
-Clean all cabinets/appliances inside/outside
-Remove unwanted debris

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Deep Cleaning

At least once a year, you should have the home cleaned top to bottom and in every crevice to eliminate mold, mildew, grease, and grime. It takes a little extra elbow grease, something we offer with the following cleaning service:

-Standard cleaning plan plus
-Carpet cleaning service
-Thorough bathroom and kitchen
  cleaning, including inside,
  outside, and under cabinets and appliances
-Cleaning of doorframes and HVAC vents
-Washing windows/window
  ledges/window coverings

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Hourly Cleaning

There will be times when you might want some very specific cleaning services and don't want to pay a plan price. Living room cleaning would fall into that category. To help you stay within a budget, we can offer you an hourly rate. Such a rate would give you better price control as you dictate how many hours you want us to invest or what specific cleaning chores you want us to handle.

What Clients Say

Using the platform was super simple. I've used my cleaners five times now, and the one time I did have to reschedule it was super easy, hassle-free. It's really simple, it's easy, and they've done great job.

Bi-Weekly Cleaning


My wife and I are thrilled how easy everything is with MaidThis, and now I’m a customer for life! If you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding your own cleaner, definitely try MaidThis

Monthly Cleaning


I work a full-time job and I have a small kids at home, so by the time I get home the LAST thing I want to do is clean. If you need to save time, I recommend going through MaidThis. Their customer system was amazing.

Bi-Weekly Cleaning


Yes! This service did an amazing job. My cleaners left the space sparkly clean and shiny. Thoughtful touches in the kitchen included the upside down teapot. It was just a superstar job, and can't wait to hire them again!

Allison T
Monthly Cleaning Client


The ladies that have come to clean our home are great! They arrive on time, clean quickly but thoroughly and are very friendly, especially with our dog. We also appreciate the consistent team. We'll continue use the service as long as we need the help!

Shanna B
Weekly Cleaning Client


I honestly can't say enough good things about MaidThis. Their customer service was beyond helpful and polite! If you're looking for a service with the best customer care in town. This is it!

Renee C
Bi-Weekly Cleaning Client


Why Choose Our Living Room Cleaning Services in Denver?

If you are like most individuals and families, your living room is where all the action begins and ends. It's the room that gets dirty faster and more often. As a top Denver cleaning company, we can help keep your living room "spic and Span." You tell us how often and we'll be there. Here are the three (3) primary benefits available from hiring MaidThis Denver

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                  Excellent Reputation

We have an excellent reputation as a top home cleaning service in Denver. It took hard work to build that reputation, and we work equally hard to keep that reputation. We do that by hiring the best professional maids in the Denver area. These are courteous, well-trained individuals who take great pride in doing good work. For them, no job is done until customers like you a completely satisfied with the results.

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                  Clean and Disinfect

Dust, dirt, grease, grime, mold, and mildew are enemies to the health of any family. As a reputable Denver cleaning company, we are charged with making sure such issues won't affect you or your family. That's why we only use quality products that clean and disinfect. Every product we use is government-approved, eco-friendly, and capable of cutting through the worst grease and grime you can imagine.

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                  Hassle-Free Cleaning

After a long day at work and dealing with personal responsibilities, you have a right to return home and relax in a clean living room. The last thing you need hanging over your head is the need to do housekeeping chores. By hiring Main This Denver, you'll see and smell how clean your home is the minute you walk in the door. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the cleanliness of your living room and more.

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The MaidThis Promise

Sounds too good to be true?

While it might sound too good to be true, we can assure you the results you want. If seeing is believing, you should contact us and give us a chance to make you a believer. That is exactly what we will do.

The tasks we will want to avoid due to possible liability issues are:

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Dusting and overhandling of delicate personal trinkets and light fixtures.

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Handling of heavy furniture that could get damaged or cause injury to our personnel

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Wall cleaning because of issues related to oil and water-based paints.

“Sounds good, I’m in! What happens next?”

Now we get this show on the road! Make your preferred cleaning service appointment by dialing (720) 826-8188 or using our convenient booking form available below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard cleaning plan includes the chores you would handle on your own when you are cleaning your house. In our world as a house maid service in Denver, deep cleaning involves taking the standard cleaning chores and moving them to the extreme where dust, grease, and grime like to hide.

We are reluctant to make time commitments until we have more information. We would want to know, what cleaning service you want, the size of your home (either number of rooms if sq, footage), the size of the family, and whether you would want additional services.

Again, we would be reluctant to give a quote without knowing the same details that were mentioned above.

As part of our services, we bring our own cleaning products and supplies. As professionals, we are obligated to use products and supplies that are effective, safe, and eco-friendly.

Let your lifestyle and desire for cleanliness be your guide. If you do well keeping your living room and home straight between cleanings, you would be fine with semi-monthly cleanings. Otherwise, weekly services would be the right call.

If you or your family lead a messy lifestyle, weekly cleanings make sense. Otherwise, you might be able to get by with cleaning on an as-needed basis. Check all of our home cleaning services at MaidThis Denver and find just the right one for your needs.