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Denver Maid Cleaning Services You Can Rely On

You could sit around and wonder how to clean your room. Or, you can get the expert help of a qualified Denver maid service. MaidThis is an elite choice in housekeeping services. You can rely on us for any cleaning challenge. There isn’t anything that we can’t do.

We offer a wide variety of cleaning services. Our maids are prompt and flexible. We remained the industry leader because of our stringent process. People choose us as their Denver maid service because of our affordable prices, friendly customer support, and quality services. Our MaidThis team offers customized housekeeping tailored to your needs.

Maid Cleaning Services

What to Expect from a Professional Cleaning Services in Denver

Our MaidThis Denver cleaning professionals can offer you several different options. If you choose to book a weekly cleaning with us, you’ll come home to a consistently clean and refreshed living space.

  • sanitized and scrubbed the bathroom
  • dusted and vacuumed living room
  • clean kitchen, including refrigerator and oven
  • dusted and vacuumed bedrooms
  • made beds freshly
  • mopped floors throughout

Please note that our dusting of ceiling fans and light fixtures is typically done with a dry method. Hot lights and wet cloths do not mix well. However, we can provide a wet cleaning specifically for ceiling fan blades.

A Dust-Free Home or Vacation Rental Can Change Your Life

You want to know how to clean your home and maintain it, but it’s hard. You shouldn’t slack off since cleaning your home or vacation rental can change your life. You feel immediate peace if you maintain your home’s cleanliness and organization. You’ll spend more time focusing on other matters.

Our All-Inclusive Professional Cleaning Services Boost Health and Well-Being

You might not realize it, but there are emotional and physical health benefits to keeping your home clean. Your outer world affects your inner world and vice versa. A messy space can put you in a mental decline. A cleaner home improves your focus, regulates your emotions, and decreases being overwhelmed.

Cleaning can help support your mental health. However, it can be hard for some people to muster up the energy to tidy or maintain their homes. In this case, you should get the help of professional cleaning services. A professional bathroom cleaner or kitchen cleaning service works around your needs.

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Long List of Satisfied Clients

Kerem Szczebak
Kerem Szczebak
The team did a fabulous and thorough job!! I am so impressed. I will work with them again!
Scott Davis
Scott Davis
Our cleaners did a great job! The were professional, thorough, great communication, and we will use them again. I highly recommend!
Ryan Scott
Ryan Scott
Fantastic job cleaning my apartment. Thank you!
Kyla Regan
Kyla Regan
I hired this group to clean up the apartment on moving out which they did miss the fridge and closets, but after I reached out with my concern they were so kind and quickly addressed the missed spots. My landlord was happy with the clean and I am so happy to have chose this company for this service. Very professional and thorough. Would highly recommend choosing this company for any future jobs
Exactly what we needed! We stick with the same person every time. Efficient, well prepared and detail-oriented.
Armando, and his team always provide a great service. They work fast, show up on time, and always ask for my cleaning preference (what kind of product is ok to use etc).
Jett Goldsmith
Jett Goldsmith
Arturo was a fantastic coordinator for same-day services on short notice, and the cleaning team including Nazly and her cleaning partner were excellent and provided top-notch work.
Stacey Troy
Stacey Troy
I want to start by saying they did do a walk through with me at the end and I approved their work, so that's on me. But walking around my house I found more and more issues. It's like they dry dusted or were just moving dirt around. My Roomba would have done a better job on the hardwood. They never touched the refrigerator, left an hour early and charge me for the extra hour. I would give a three star rating thinking maybe they didn't realize they were cleaning with dirty tools, but they specifically moved a candle over a spot on a display area instead of cleaning it. That tells me they saw the stain and chose not to clean it. Two stars is for being ontime and polite.
Heather Boucher
Heather Boucher
Very thorough cleaning with excellent customer service!
Professional Cleaning Services

Our Denver Professional Cleaning Services Improve Your Air Quality

An Ohio spring can be beautiful, but it can also load your home with pollen. Winters can leave your home feeling dusty and dry. Book a recurring maid service appointment with MaidThis to freshen the air of your home.

Signs of Poor Air Quality in Your Home

As the weather gets colder and you have to crank up the furnace, you may notice dry lips, chapped cheeks and a tendency to catch colds. Booking a regular housekeeping appointment to contain the dust in your home will lessen the risk of respiratory irritation.

How We Clean Different Areas of Your Home

House cleaning can be intimidating. You should maintain, organize, and lightly clean your home every week. Also, you should set aside time for a deep clean. A deep clean doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it sounds. You don’t have to do it all in one day or an entire weekend if you don’t want to.

Make it easier by decluttering. This makes it easier to deep clean and tidy areas. Start in the high places and work your way down. Focus on removing dust and debris from the hard-to-reach surfaces. Then, you can focus on deep cleaning for windows and floors.

Living rooms, family rooms, dens and bedrooms

Establishing a cleaning schedule for your living rooms and bedrooms gives you more free time to enjoy these spaces. These beautifully clean spaces make entertaining and cozy nights more possible.

Standard processes each visit

  • Dust Hard-to-Reach Areas
  • Fix Up and Freshen
  • Clean & Wipe Dirt and Debris
  • Sparkling Glass and Mirrors
  • Spotless Upholstery and Floors

Areas that Need Special Attention

We pay special attention to the high-traffic areas of your home that need a deep cleaning, with our bathroom or kitchen cleaning service. We also take special cleaning requests for ultimate satisfaction.

Bathroom Cleanup

The bathroom can be one of the hardest rooms to clean. However, a professional bathroom cleaner can make this space of your home feel fresher. Your emotional health will improve because of it.

Every Time Procedure

  • Dust Hard-to-Reach Areas
  • Fix Up and Freshen
  • Clean & Wipe Dirt and Debris
  • Sparkling Glass and Mirrors
  • Spotless Upholstery and Floors
  • Grime-Free Sinks and Fixtures
  • Sanitized Toilets and Shower Walls

Special Attention Procedures

We pay special attention to the high-traffic areas of your home that need regular weekly cleaning, such as the kitchen or bathroom. We also take special cleaning requests for ultimate satisfaction.

Kitchen and laundry space

The kitchen and laundry rooms are two of the busiest spaces in your home. It can be hard to keep up and maintain them when you use them so much.

Every Time Procedure

  • Dust Hard-to-Reach Areas
  • Fix Up and Freshen
  • Dust-Free Surfaces, Door Knobs, and Furniture
  • Clean Grimy Appliances Without Damage
  • Sparkling Glass and Mirrors
  • Scoured, Cleansed, and Shiny Sinks
  • Spotless Upholstery and Floors

Special attention projects in kitchen and laundry room

We pay special attention to the high-traffic areas of your home that need a monthly cleaning, such as the kitchen or bathroom. We also take special cleaning requests for ultimate satisfaction.

Specialty Cleaning Projects

Life demands unique demands of individual homeowners. Whether you’re throwing a party, moving, or inviting the family over for the holidays, our specialty cleaning services cater to your specific needs. We pay more detail and attention to your home. You can book us for any of the following cleaning services:

Wall washing and dusting

If you have kids or pets, you might notice more marks on your walls. We clean the walls from top to bottom. We have the tools to make them squeaky clean.

Cabinet empty, clean and reorganize

Our cabinet cleaning and organizing services can make your home feel more comfortable and clean. We start by organizing and cleaning the inside of your cabinets. Then, we polish their exteriors.

Refrigerator clean-out and clean-up

Your refrigerator can become grounds for crumbs, food particles, and spills. They can get into the cracks and crevices that you don’t notice. We prevent bacteria and mold from growing.

Oven Clean-up

If you cook a lot, chances are your oven has collected baked-on food and grease inside. Our cleaning process involves cleaning the racks and interior, and washing the exterior door.

Window washing

Your windows invite air and natural light into your home. They also attract dirt, grime, and smudges. Our cleaning process restores the look of your windows from top to bottom.

Disinfecting surfaces that get handled

Our professional team offers disinfecting services for surface areas, like countertops, doorknobs, light switches, and tables. We help you keep these surfaces clean and reduce your risk of germs and viruses.

Holiday cleaning help

A fresh home for holiday entertaining. Make holiday cleaning easier with our professional services. From dusting to scrubbing and polishing and wiping, we do it all.

Easy Tips To Keep Your Home In Good Shape

It’s imperative to keep your home clean, tidy, and well-organized throughout the year. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself with this process. Just start by focusing on regularly cleaning and dusting your home. This doesn’t just mean cleaning surfaces, but also vacuuming, mopping, and clearing out the clutter.

Plan so you can tackle those small tasks. For example, clean around your furniture and look for signs of wear. Repair or replace your worn-out furniture. You should also fix the cracks and holes in your walls and ceilings.

Swap out that vacuum for a broom to dust surfaces. Most people hate cleaning windows, but they are the most important areas to keep clean. They allow both air and sunlight in. Your windows also give you a glimpse into the outside world. Clean them regularly with a window cleaner that works on both vinyl and glass surfaces.

Book a regular and professional cleaning service with MaidThis Denver.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of cleaning?

The process of cleaning involves removing foreign materials from the spaces of your home. We start by dusting and removing cobwebs. Next, we wipe down surfaces in each space of your home. Since the process of cleaning can be tedious, completing them in the proper order improves the quality of your home.

What are the steps in the cleaning process?

The first step is to remove debris and clutter from your home. Next, you should rinse before applying detergent. You should make sure to give each space and area a thorough rinse. Always inspect your work before moving on. Sanitize or disinfect these areas before moving on to the vacuuming and mopping.

How to clean the house step by step?

This process starts with the decluttering phase. This gives you less to clean and maintain. Next, you should dust and damp-wipe, even the hard-to-reach areas. Be cautious with lights, fixtures, and electrical outlets. From there, you can tidy up each room and sweep and mop the floors. This process makes cleaning easier.

How long does it take to clean a house professionally?

When you’re cleaning by yourself, it can take up to three hours. It depends on the number of rooms and the size of your home. Professional maid services and cleaning services can work within one hour since they work with two cleaners. It depends on what rooms need tidying or cleaning.