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What House Cleaning Service Do You Need?

Standard Cleaning

When you are cleaning a house, there are standard tasks you usually include. These are very much the same standard tasks we do as a Denver house maid service. This includes tasks like

  • Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping floors
  • Dusting and polishing furniture
  • Scrubbing of kitchen plumbing fixtures, countertops, and appliances
  • Scrubbing of bathroom plumbing fixtures, counter, and mirrors

Move In/Out Cleaning

When moving into a new home, you want the home to feel clean. When moving out, you want to leave a good impression and maybe get a deposit back. We can help with the following tasks:

  • Thorough cleaning of all flooring
  • Window washing – cleaning or window covering
  • Comprehensive kitchen cleaning services
  • Bathroom scrubbing
  • Wipe baseboards and doors

Deep Cleaning

For health reasons, regular deep cleaning is a good idea. Our thorough cleaning services get to places that don’t normally get cleaned. Those services include standard cleaning, plus:

  • Scrubbing kitchen cabinets and appliances inside and out
  • Cleaning windows and window covering
  • Cleaning HVAC vents
  • Kitchen hood cleaning service
  • Steam cleaning carpets on request

Hourly Cleaning

Sometimes, you only need limited Colorado home cleaning services because of budget concerns. That’s not a problem at Maid This Denver. We are more than happy to establish an hourly price for our services. Once you know our hourly price, you can decide for yourself what cleaning tasks you want to have handled or how much time you want our cleaning crew to spend cleaning your home.

What Clients Say

My wife and I are thrilled how easy everything is with MaidThis, and now I’m a customer for life! If you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding your own cleaner, definitely try MaidThis


Monthly Cleaning


Hours saved

I work a full-time job and I have a small kids at home, so by the time I get home the LAST thing I want to do is clean. If you need to save time, I recommend going through MaidThis. Their customer system was amazing.


Bi-Weekly Cleaning


Hours saved

Using the platform was super simple. I’ve used my cleaners five times now, and the one time I did have to reschedule it was super easy, hassle-free. It’s really simple, it’s easy, and they’ve done great job.


Bi-Weekly Cleaning


Hours saved

Yes! This service did an amazing job. My cleaners left the space sparkly clean and shiny. Thoughtful touches in the kitchen included the upside down teapot. It was just a superstar job, and can’t wait to hire them again!

Allison T

Monthly Cleaning Client


Hours saved

The ladies that have come to clean our home are great! They arrive on time, clean quickly but thoroughly and are very friendly, especially with our dog. We also appreciate the consistent team. We’ll continue use the service as long as we need the help!

Shanna B

Weekly Cleaning Client


Hours saved

I honestly can’t say enough good things about MaidThis. Their customer service was beyond helpful and polite! If you’re looking for a service with the best customer care in town. This is it!

Renee C

Bi-Weekly Cleaning Client


Hours saved

Why Choose Our Apartment Cleaning Services in Denver?

With plenty of house cleaning services from which you can choose, Maid This Denver’s management understands that they have to do things that set them above the competition. For customers, that is exactly what we do by offering the following 3 benefits of working with Maid This Denver.

Taking care of
your mental health

The quality of our Denver housemaid services comes from the efficiency and effectiveness of our cleaning crew. We are proud to say we employ some of the best professional maids in the Denver area. As the customer, you can have confidence that no matter who we send, you will get the same elite quality cleaning services, especially kitchen cleaning services. Why? Our entire staff gets access to the same training and supplies they will need to do the job right every time.

Cleaner than ever

We are very much aware of the value we can bring any customer because of our dedication to the environment. When we clean houses, we only use eco-friendly and government-rated cleaning supplies. By doing this, we are able to ensure all of our customers that they won’t get exposed to harmful chemicals. At the same time, they can rest easy with the knowledge that our cleaning supplies and procedures focus on helping the environment.

Make time for more
important matters

Since the professional house and kitchen cleaning is not something most Denver residents include in their budgets, we get it. We understand that we have to offer prices that said residents will find affordable. That is exactly what we do. We have developed a pricing schedule that we know is fair and compares favorably with the local competition. Even better, customer satisfaction is always guaranteed.




Hours Saved



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house cleaning services in McKinney, TX

Sounds too good to be true?

We understand that all of this might sound too good to be true. The fact is everything stated here is true. We do offer great and affordable house/kitchen cleaning. It won’t take long to figure out just how true everything is. All you need to do is give us a try. Once you return home after the first cleaning, you will find yourself standing in a house or kitchen that is clean and smelling fresh.

Reminder: There are certain tasks our professional cleaning staff will not be able to handle:

Cleaning of delicate light fixtures and home decorations to avoid damage

Lifting of large and heavy furniture and appliances to avoid injury and damage

Washing of painted walls and entryways to avoid damaging the paint

“Sounds good, I’m in! What happens next?”

Now we get this show on the road!

Make your preferred cleaning service appointment by dialing (720) 826-8188 or using our convenient booking form available below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between a standard kitchen cleaning & a deep kitchen cleaning and house cleaning in general?

As professional house and kitchen cleaners, we consider standard house and kitchen cleaning to be the tasks that customers would typically do on their own. Deep house and kitchen cleaning entails the removal of grease and grime from areas that tend to get missed during a standard cleaning process. If you look in your oven, you might see what we mean.

How long does it take a professional maid to clean a house?

It’s hard to pinpoint how long a professional house cleaning would take a cleaning crew. It would depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The size of the home – number of rooms, sq. footage
  • The selected cleaning service level
  • The inclusion of any special cleaning requests
  • Budget restrictions that a customer might have
  • The frequency of professional cleaning

What are the charges for a professional house cleaning?

Again, it’s very hard to estimate any kind of price without considering the scope of cleaning services requested. Many of the aforementioned factors from the above section would have to be considered. What we can state is we do offer hourly pricing for the purpose of you being able to control the costs in relation to your personal budget.

What kitchen and house cleaning supplies will I need to supply?

Real good news here. As a licensed and bonded professional cleaning service, Maid This Denver is required to use cleaning supplies that are certified by a government agency. That is exactly what we do. Our commercial-grade cleaning supplies are certified, safe, and eco-friendly. For you, that means you can save money on cleaning supplies by hiring us.

How often is it necessary to have my home cleaned?

At the most basic level, this is a personal preference issue. It really depends on how you feel about cleanliness. It also depends on your lifestyle. If you tend to pick up after yourself and or the family, semi-monthly cleaning might be adequate. If you tend to let things go, you might want your home cleaned at least once a week.

How often should I bring in a professional maid to clean my house?

Again, this might be more a matter of personal preference. It would really depend on how you feel about keeping your house and even kitchen clean, and how you feel about doing the work yourself. There is one other consideration. That would be your budget. We can recommend this. If you are single and lead an active lifestyle, you might be well-served to count on a professional cleaning service twice a month. If you are a family person, the home and kitchen probably get messy. We might recommend you bring in professional cleaners like Maid This Denver once a week.