The Ultimate Daily Cleaning Checklist

Whether you realize it or not, there are chores that you do on a daily basis. As part of your daily housekeeping routine, you might be making beds, washing dishes, folding towels, and tossing the trash outside. What you might not be doing is your daily housekeeping as quickly and efficiently as possible. That’s exactly why it would make sense for you to create a daily cleaning checklist. It’s a great way to make sure things get done in a timely manner so you can move forward and navigate the rest of your busy day.

Daily Cleaning Checklist

Daily Cleaning Tips That Save Time

The whole purpose of using a daily or quick cleaning checklist is to save yourself time. If you have to do daily chores, you might as well get organized and do them fast. As a professional Denver house cleaning service, we would like to help you in this endeavor. We hope the following daily cleaning tips will point you in the right direction.

Note: These same tips would be applicable if you have daily vacation rental cleaning responsibilities.

  • Wake up 30 minutes early and do morning chores. That should include making the beds, putting clothes in drawers or the hamper, and emptying the dishwasher.
  • After returning home from work, you can do light chores like running a feather duster through the living room, cleaning the litter box (if applicable), and putting the groceries away.
  • After dinner and before bedtime is the best time to tidy up after the day’s activities. If you want to wake up to a reasonably clean house, you have to go to bed with a reasonably clean house. Nighttime chores should include washing the dishes, picking up clutter, wiping down bathrooms, and running a vacuum through the middle of the of rooms.

Cleaning Checklist: Room By Room Cleaning Guide

When focusing on your daily home cleaning or apartment cleaning chores, you will soon realize that each room come with different cleaning needs. As a maid service, we can tell you it will get confusing unless you put together a good room by room daily cleaning checklist to keep your organized. As an example, here are some room by room cleaning tip that we would put on a daily or quick cleaning checklist.


  • Rinse dishes and place is dishwasher after every meal
  • Wipe down cabinets and countertop surfaces as you go (cook)
  • Run the dishwasher after dinner and snacks
  • Empty dishwasher in the morning
  • Put food containers away after use
Daily Cleaning Checklist

Living Room

  • Tidy up (declutter) and feather dust the room before bed
  • Run vacuum over exposed areas before bed
  • Put TV remote is safe place
  • Use furniture covers on high traffic furniture


  • Make the beds first thing in the morning
  • Put clean clothes away before bed
  • Put dirty clothes in the laundry before bed
  • Tidy up (declutter) and feather dust the room before bed
  • Run vacuum over exposed areas before bed


  • Rinse out tub and or shower enclosures after reach bath/shower
  • Wipe down cabinets and countertop surfaces before bed
  • Wipe mirrors free of soap and toothpaste splatters before bed
  • Sweep the floor before bed

Kids’ Room

  • Make the beds in the morning – older kids can help
  • Teach the kids to put dirty clothes in the hamper as they go
  • Tidy up (declutter) and feather dust the room before bed – kids can put toys away
  • Run vacuum over exposed areas before bed


  • Take out the trash after dinner
  • Have family leave their shoes in the entry way
  • Sweep hard floor surfaces
  • Sweep the entry way patio to prevent dirt from being tracked into the home
Maids in Denver

While this might seem like a lot of daily work, a daily checklist will keep you organized, making it easy to do everything in 30-45 minutes. Get the family to help when possible.

If you don’t have time to handle daily cleaning chores, MaidThis has your back. We do offer everyday cleaning services that are very affordable, and our maids do use a daily cleaning checklist to keep them fast and efficient. If we can make your life easier, we would be happy to do just that!

Why Choose MaidThis Denver

house cleaning in Denver

For the ultimate cleanliness in your home, MaidThis Denver is the top choice. With our customizable services, you have the freedom to select exactly what you need, whether it’s regular cleaning on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, or additional services tailored to your requirements. We also offer deep residential cleaning and Airbnb cleaning for a thorough refresh.

By entrusting these tasks to us, you’ll not only reclaim valuable free time but also enhance your mental well-being by alleviating stress and reveling in a tidier, more structured living space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a daily cleaning list?

As the king/queen of your kingdom, you should know what cleaning needs to get done on a daily basis. If you are busy and have trouble staying organized, follow the advice of a professional maid service like MaidThis in Denver. We would recommend visiting our site to pick up tips one what should be included on your daily cleaning checklist. Focus on keeping the home looking organized.

What cleaning jobs should be done daily?

Don’t be concerned about how much time daily cleaning jobs will take. You’ll be focusing on light cleaning chores like picking up clutter, wiping countertops in kitchen and bathroom after use, wiping appliances after cooking, running a vacuum through the middle of each room, light feather dusting of furniture, and taking out the trash.

What is the daily cleaning schedule?

A daily cleaning schedule can be broken down into times of the day. There are certain chores that are best handled first thing in the morning, some immediately after returning home, and others before going to bed.

What is a normal house cleaning schedule?

The good thing a following a daily cleaning checklist is it makes regular cleanings easier to handle. A normal house cleaning schedule usually focuses on weekly cleanings. The chores that would be done during a regular cleaning would include daily cleaning chores, plus additional chores that would target the things that aren’t getting done on a daily basis. Deep cleanings are normal and are usually done at least one time each month.

What do you start with when giving your home a detailed cleaning?

When you’re giving your home a detailed cleaning, you should start with the highest areas first. That means you should start with the ceilings and ceiling fans before moving down the list. This high to low approach ensures that recently cleaned surfaces stay clean.

A Final Tip for You

If you’re ready to get started on your daily cleaning checklist, give us a call or fill out the request form provided below. MaidThis Denver offers a deep cleaning checklist for all your cleaning needs.

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