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Our Whole House Cleaning Services

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    are priced right
  • You get to cancel
    whenever you want
  • Service from a top 2%
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  • Easy-to-use automated scheduling system
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residential cleaning service in Denver
full house cleaning services in Denver

Get Smooth Whole House Cleaning Services

We want your patronage. That’s why we have designed full house cleaning services that will make your life easier. The process includes the following positive attributes:

Fast Appointment Scheduling

Our automated scheduling system makes it easy to book one or all of your cleaning appointments in one sitting in minutes.

Fast Appointment Scheduling

Our automated scheduling system makes it easy to book one or all of your cleaning appointments in one sitting in minutes.

Making More Me-Time

Instead of spending an entire Saturday cleaning your home, we’ll do it while you enjoy the day with your family.

deep cleaning service in Denver

Our 5-Step-Cleaner Screening Process

We put a lot of confidence in our 5-step housekeeper screening process. The process has connected us with some of the best housekeepers in Denver Colorado. The five steps include:

The Mission: To search everywhere to find you the best cleaners in the market!


Online applications

By accepting applications online, we can cut down on mail while getting quick access to plenty of applications from which we can choose.


Video/Phone Interviews

A few minutes on the phone or Skyping is all we need to identify the candidates that might fit what we are trying to find.


In-House Interviews

After video/phone interviews, we select the best candidates to come in and talk more about what they can offer MaidThis and our customers.


ompany Orientation

If we like a candidate, we give them an orientation presentation about the company, our policies, and what we expect from our contract cleaners.


Background/reference Checks

Before handing out any assignments, we go the extra mile to ensure that each candidate is both reputable and responsible.

Long List of Satisfied Clients

Kerem Szczebak
Kerem Szczebak
The team did a fabulous and thorough job!! I am so impressed. I will work with them again!
Scott Davis
Scott Davis
Our cleaners did a great job! The were professional, thorough, great communication, and we will use them again. I highly recommend!
Ryan Scott
Ryan Scott
Fantastic job cleaning my apartment. Thank you!
Kyla Regan
Kyla Regan
I hired this group to clean up the apartment on moving out which they did miss the fridge and closets, but after I reached out with my concern they were so kind and quickly addressed the missed spots. My landlord was happy with the clean and I am so happy to have chose this company for this service. Very professional and thorough. Would highly recommend choosing this company for any future jobs
Exactly what we needed! We stick with the same person every time. Efficient, well prepared and detail-oriented.
Armando, and his team always provide a great service. They work fast, show up on time, and always ask for my cleaning preference (what kind of product is ok to use etc).
Jett Goldsmith
Jett Goldsmith
Arturo was a fantastic coordinator for same-day services on short notice, and the cleaning team including Nazly and her cleaning partner were excellent and provided top-notch work.
Stacey Troy
Stacey Troy
I want to start by saying they did do a walk through with me at the end and I approved their work, so that's on me. But walking around my house I found more and more issues. It's like they dry dusted or were just moving dirt around. My Roomba would have done a better job on the hardwood. They never touched the refrigerator, left an hour early and charge me for the extra hour. I would give a three star rating thinking maybe they didn't realize they were cleaning with dirty tools, but they specifically moved a candle over a spot on a display area instead of cleaning it. That tells me they saw the stain and chose not to clean it. Two stars is for being ontime and polite.
Heather Boucher
Heather Boucher
Very thorough cleaning with excellent customer service!

Why Choose MaidThis Housekeeping Service

At MaidThis in Denver, we have built our reputation by consistently providing full house cleaning services and deep cleaning services that meet the needs of our clients. Our prices are suitable for any budget, plus we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Also:

We allow you to schedule your own appointments so as not to interfere with your busy week. You make the request, and we’ll do our part to honor your request.

There is no need to worry about getting a qualified cleaner. We work hard to match our clients with top cleaners who we know can satisfy those needs.

Part of being a reputable residential cleaning service is keeping promises. We promise when you return home, it will be to a home that’s clean and smells fresh.




Hours Saved



whole house cleaning services in Denver

We’re not happy unless you’re happy

If a clean home puts a smile on your face, that’s our goal. Why? We know that happy customers schedule more appointments, and that makes us happy.
Please forgive us if we pass on these chores:

Wet wiping and polishing delicate household items so we can avoid unnecessary damage

Doing any heavy lifting of furniture if it might injure one of our cleaners

washing painted walls with chemicals that are known to cause damage to paint

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to provide a cleaning list?

Feel free to ask about specific chores. However, our professional cleaners do have a comprehensive cleaning list that they follow.

If I want weekly services, do I need to schedule each week?

To be safe, we would recommend that you use our online scheduling system to book appointments as many weeks out as you want.

How long will it take to clean my entire house?

That will depend on the size of your home (sq, footage and # of rooms) and the level of cleaning package you select.

Please tell me how to book your
full house cleaning services.

We appreciate your confidence. It’s simple. You can schedule a cleaning online (see below) or feel free to call and speak to a MaidThis representative.

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