Why Do You Need a Housekeeper?

We doubt anyone would be surprised to hear that a trained housekeeper in Los Angeles can clean a place up to a higher standard than the average homeowner ever could. But how do they do it? What’s their secret advantage? Most importantly, do you really need a housekeeper?

In previous articles, we’ve talked about the different types of light housekeeping and how hiring a housekeeper in Los Angeles can improve your life overall. Now we’ll delve deeper into the advantages housekeepers bring. Read on.

What makes housekeepers so effective?

First and foremost, cleaning is a housekeeper’s profession. This means they’ve been extensively trained in the use of modern cleaning tools and techniques, including those accepted by the American Cleaning Institute.

On top of that, career cleaners have had the chance to tackle all kinds of cleaning challenges in all sorts of different environments many, many times over the years. This gives them unparalleled experience that simply can’t be rivaled by a regular homeowner.

Are housekeepers trustworthy?

What makes housekeepers so effective?Top-notch cleaning companies understand that most people are uncomfortable with letting a stranger in their home. Because of this, they use thorough screening processes to ensure the housekeepers they work with are ethical, hardworking individuals who will take good care of the customer’s belongings.

These screening processes include in-depth background and reference checks. They also make sure the cleaners can legally work in California. Finally, they keep track of customer service ratings with follow-up calls and surveys to ensure the maid in question is doing their job well.

When you work with a tried and true cleaning company, you can fully enjoy your newfound leisure time by watching an amazing concert at the Hollywood Bowl, safe in the knowledge that your cleaner isn’t going to damage or steal your belongings.

How are cleaning ladies and housekeepers different?

Back in the day, a housekeeper was an individual who lived at their employer’s home and “kept the house in working order,” meaning that they did everything from cleaning and cooking, to attending the lady of the house and taking care of the children.

Nowadays, very few families have the need or the means to employ live-in help. And so, over time, the lines that marked the differences between a housekeeper and a maid have blurred. The word “housekeeper” has became mostly interchangeable with the term “cleaning lady.”

In fact, “housekeeping” has become synonymous with simply keeping your home clean, with or without the help of a professional cleaner.

Can reputable housekeepers guarantee your satisfaction?

This seems like an unrealistic expectation to have, right? After all, how can anyone guarantee that you’ll be happy with a service you receive? And yet, serious maid services can make it work.

Top-of-the-line housekeeping companies offer special satisfaction guarantees that ensure you always get a quality service. Simply put, if you’re unhappy with some facet of your cleaning, you can contact the cleaning company within 24 hours and tell them about it.

The company will dispatch a follow-up crew to your home that will re-clean the problem area absolutely free of charge. This way you can be sure that you’ll never receive a sub-par cleaning.

Where can you hire a first-rate housekeeper in Los Angeles?

Here at Maid This, we built our central business philosophy on the notion that the best customer is a happy customer. The housekeepers we work with view each cleaning as their chance to showcase their skills and make your home shine.

Give us a call today if you have any extra questions, or simply use our hassle-free online booking form to schedule your housekeeping in under a minute. We’ll be happy to meet you.

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