Bathroom Cleaning Checklist to Simplify Your Cleaning Process

Like many rooms in your home, your bathroom needs daily attention to keep from becoming quite unpleasant. Keeping a few cleaning products in the space can reduce your workload and make your daily cleaning tasks easier. If you can get in the habit of taking care of a few tasks each day in your bathrooms, you can reduce the time you’ll need to put into your weekly cleaning.

List For Cleaning The Bathroom Daily

List For Cleaning The Bathroom Daily

There are a few things you can attend to before and after your shower that will keep your bathroom tidy and pleasant. Your daily bathroom cleaning can be done in just a few minutes.

Before you get in the shower, use a simple disinfecting wipe to sanitize your sink and countertop. Check the bowl to see if it needs any scrubbing and use a disinfecting wipe to clean the seat and the rim of the bowl. After your shower, hang up towels and bath mats as necessary.

Weekly Bathroom Cleaning Tasks

Sanitize your sink and countertop with a cleaner appropriate to the surface. Check any grout lines for signs of mildew and consider using a mild bleach solution to scrub away any discoloration. Scrub your toilet with a bleach solution, inside and out. Consider spraying vodka around the base of your toilet if urine doesn’t always make it into the bowl. You may want to work this into your daily bathroom cleaning schedule if you’re potty-training.

Wipe down your shower with an appropriate cleaning product. Consider investing in a squeegee that you can use to wipe down the walls and any glass panels to avoid water buildup. Sanitize your tub or shower base. Wipe down your mirror. Wash your towels and bath mats. Sweep and mop your bathroom floor before taking out the trash and wiping out the trash can.

List For Cleaning The Bathroom Monthly

List For Cleaning The Bathroom Monthly

On a monthly basis, your bathroom cleaning schedule will require you to do a lot of laundry. In addition to your towels and bathmats, wash your rugs and your fabric shower curtain. If your liner is plastic, wash it with your cleaning rags and a bit of bleach to remove any mildew. Wipe down your curtain rod while everything is in the laundry.

Consider a deep scrub of your shower surround. Depending on the material, the simplest way to do this is to use a mild soap and a soft to medium bristle scrubbing brush. Soap scum and water deposits will be easier to remove if you add a bit of vinegar to your spray bottle.

Check your bathroom vent cover and vacuum it to remove any clinging dust as part of your bathroom deep clean checklist. We don’t think of the bathroom as a spot that needs dusting, but the combination of dust, moving air and moisture can create a clinging dust that sticks to that vent cover. Dry dust your light fixtures as well; water on a hot light can be very dangerous.

Seasonal Bathroom Cleaning Ideas

On a seasonal basis, work to organize your bathroom more effectively. Is there a cleaning product that you need for the bathroom but you store in the kitchen? Make up another bottle and save yourself some steps. Unless you have very small children in the house, your bathroom cleaning supplies should always be easy to get to.

Go through your medicine cabinet. Toss anything that is out of date or unused. If you have items that constantly get left on the counter, make a home for them and work on the habit of putting these items away. Your seasonal bathroom cleaning checklist will probably include some decluttering.

Take a look at your towels. Over time, hems can fray. The color may have faded or your towels may be losing their plush feel. If you notice that your towels are becoming thin or rough to the touch, you can keep an eye out for new ones during the next seasonal sale.

By entrusting these tasks to us, you’ll not only gain more free time but also promote good mental health by reducing stress and enjoying a cleaner, more organized living space.

Why Choose MaidThis Durham

List For Cleaning The Bathroom Weekly

A detailed bathroom scrub is part of a weekly house cleaning service from MaidThis in Durham. If you’re still not sure you’re ready to commit to a regular cleaning schedule, invite us in for a deep monthly cleaning of your bathrooms and bedrooms, or of the whole house.

MaidThis Durham works only with the best local cleaners. Our hiring process includes multiple interviews, a detailed orientation and a background check. You can be sure that your home is in the hands of the best when you bring us in to clean.

Take the time to check out our MaidThis Durham website. As you fill out the form that tells us what you need from your maids, we can pair you with the best cleaners for your space. If you need weekly help to keep your home tidy, we can get you on our schedule!

Perhaps you want to start with a monthly deep clean to “reset” your home. Our maids are well-trained and consistently available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What needs to be cleaned in a bathroom?

Hard surfaces need to be sanitized. Spots where water stands need to be wiped down to prevent deposits building up. Areas where dust can build up, such as on top of light fixtures and behind toilets, need to be checked and cleaned.

In what order would you clean a bathroom?

First, pick up the space. Hang damp towels or put them in the laundry. Next, attend to dry dusting, such as on top of light fixtures. Sanitize the light switch, sink, the countertop, the toilet (inside and out) and the tub or shower. Finally, polish the mirror.

What are the most important duties when cleaning a bathroom?

Areas where bacteria will thrive must be addressed. The toilet, sink and tub need special care. Keep an eye out for items where mildew can develop, such as within the wadded fabric of bathroom rugs, towels and fabric shower curtains.

What do professionals use to clean bathrooms?

Disinfectant sprays are an ideal choice for hard surfaces that need sanitized. A mild scrubbing powder may be the best choice for a tub or shower surround. Vinegar can remove hard water deposits, and a glass cleaner is a terrific option for mirrors, faucets and spigots.

A Final Tip for You

Trust in Maid This Durham’s expertise and unwavering commitment to cleanliness guarantees a bathroom that not only shines but also remains fresh effortlessly, creating a serene and hygienic oasis within your home.

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