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The Best Cleaning Lady Service in Durham

The easiest way to lighten your load in terms of personal responsibilities is to hire someone to handle your housekeeping duties. At MaidThis, we offer quality Durham cleaning services for people just like you with these benefits:

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Importance of Maid Cleaning Services

Not everyone one needs or can afford to hire a maid cleaning service. For those who do need and can afford it, it’s something they count on to add value to their lives. We understand this, which is exactly why we have created the following three-component process.

Speediest Cleaners in Durham

Our automatic cleaning appointment scheduling tool makes it easy to book cleaning ladies as frequently as they are needed.

Top-Rate cleaning ladies on call

When summonsed for a house cleaning, we only send top-rated cleaning ladies who have lots of experience and do precise work.

And…your free time?

While our cleaning lady is cleaning your castle, you’ll have more free time to spend on your favorite hobbies or with the family.

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Introducing Our 5-Step Cleaner Screening Process

What makes our company successful is our ability to locate the best cleaning ladies in Durham. It’s the following 5-step cleaner screening process that makes that possible:

Let us tell you about this process:


Online Application

By making it easy for applicants to submit their applications/resumes online, we get exposure to a larger population of viable candidates.


Interview By Phones

Using short online video interviews, we can streamline the screening process to identify candidates who seem to shine the brightest.


In-person Interview

Our best candidates are invited in for comprehensive sit-down interviews where we can discuss their work experience and personal backgrounds.


Company Orientation

As part of the contracting process, we use orientation presentations to educate top candidates about the company’s mission and expectations.


Background and Reference Checks

To ensure we can confirm the reputation of each candidate, we perform a series of strict background and reference checks.

Why Choose Us?

Our reputation as a reliable housekeeping service was built based on the efforts of top-rated cleaning ladies. The elite cleaning services we offer are priced to be affordable and competitive. If you need more reasons to choose MaidThis, try these:

You tell us where and when

When you need a cleaning lady to clean your house, you get to say where and when. You can do that online or by phone. Once you make an appointment, your service is guaranteed by our No-Show guarantee.

Hand-Picked Cleaners

You don’t have to worry about finding the right cleaning lady. We’ll assess your cleaning requirements and put the call out to a contract maid who we know is the right choice for the job.

Worry-free billing & payment

Our 100% customer guarantee is our promise to deliver on what we promise. What we promise is your home will be left looking great and smelling fresh. You’ll be thrilled to come home after a busy day.




Hours Saved



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We’re not happy unless you are

At MaidThis we are happy to have the opportunity to serve you. We want to reciprocate by making sure you are happy with what we deliver. That’s how companies and customers build relationships. If necessary, our cleaners might have to opt out of these chores:

Here are three tasks we can’t handle due to potential issues:

Cleaning of delicate household items that could break if accidentally mishandled

Moving or lifting heavy furniture/appliances if personal injury would be possible

Wet wiping walls that are painted with products that could be damaged by water or cleaning chemicals

Our locations

If you’re anywhere in the map area, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Available service areas:

27517, 27560, 27701, 27702, 27703, 27704, 27705, 27706, 27707, 27708, 27709, 27710, 27711, 27712, 27713, 27715, 27717, 27722

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When you are ready to schedule your first MaidTHis cleaning lady, you may do so via our automated online scheduling tool (click below) or a simple phone call.

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