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Monthly Cleaning Service in Durham, NC

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Do you Need Your Home Cleaned Today?

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and as an emergency cleaning service, we understand the sudden need for immediate assistance. Recognizing this, MaidThis in Durham has introduced our monthly cleaning service. We strive to provide you with confidence, ensuring that we are available whenever you need our services, no matter the circumstance.

For those interested in monthly house cleaning, we recommend reaching out to our office directly rather than using our widely-used online automated scheduling system. This ensures a quicker response to your urgent cleaning requirements.

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Get Smooth Monthly Cleaning Service

For the benefit of our valued customers, we go to great lengths to keep the process of securing recurring house cleaning services. The process includes these components:

Fast and efficient scheduling system

We have instituted an online automated scheduling tool that makes it easy to schedule recurring cleanings for months at a time.

Convenient & Fast Cleaning Service

All of our professional cleaners work hard to get each cleaning done as fast and precisely as humanly possible.

Bring Your Life Back

By securing our monthly recurring house cleaning service, it will free up your time for more meaningful endeavors.

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Introducing Our 5-Step Cleaner Screening Process

We rely heavily on a tried-and-true cleaner screening process to find the best cleaners in Durham. The process includes these 5 steps:

Let us tell you about this process:


Online Application

Receiving online applications allows us to secure more applications from a wider range of maids who want to work and might meet our standards.


Interview By Phones

An online video interview only takes a few minutes, which is more than enough time to identify the candidates who are qualified and carry themselves well.


In-person Interview

Only the best candidates are brought in for a comprehensive interview to cover their work experience, qualifications, and personal goals.


Company Orientation

The best contract cleaners are put through an orientation process to gain an understanding of their responsibilities and MaidThis’ expectations.


Background and Reference Checks

In our quest to protect our customers and reputation, we perform extensive background and reference checks to confirm each maid’s representations.

Why Choose Us?

Our standing as a top cleaning company in Durham was earned through the efforts of our hard-working professional cleaners. We provide great service at the right price while backing the results with a full customer satisfaction guarantee. With our services, you can spend less time worrying about cleaning and more time living a happy and fulfilling life. Other reasons to choose MaidThis include:

You tell us where and when

You select the days and times that work for you and your family, and we’ll do our part to be there as scheduled, guaranteed.

Hand-Picked Cleaners

After we get a sense of what you need and expect, we will use our database to find the right cleaner or cleaners to do the work. They’ll have the experience that’s needed to do the job right.

Worry-free billing & payment

Our satisfaction guarantee is your assurance that we will deliver on our promises. When you return home after a busy day at work or play, your home will look great and smell as fresh as can be.




Hours Saved



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We’re Not Happy Unless You’re Happy

As a professional cleaning company, only one thing makes us happy. That would be the smile on the face of another satisfied customer, you! Our cleaners might choose to avoid the following:

Cleaning delicate household items that could easily break if mishandled during cleaning

Moving heavy objects to clean when doing so could cause bodily harm to our cleaner

Cleaning walls and baseboards with wet substances that could cause damage to the paint

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does house cleaning cost in NC?

Before we can offer a reasonable estimate, we would need more information related to the size of your home and the cleaning service you want. Feel free to call us for more information.

What is a monthly cleaning?

Some might call it a monthly deep cleaning service. The purpose of a monthly cleaning is to establish at least one time a month when your home is going to have every nook and cranny cleaned beyond standard cleaning chores.

Is it enough to clean your house once a month?

No, not if you want your home to always look reasonably clean. In 30 days, the accumulation of normal dust and dirt would likely be too much to bear.

What does monthly cleaning service cost?

Monthly service costs are determined by the type of services you receive. You’ll receive a detailed estimate when you arrange for services.