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Vacation rental/Airbnb unit

1BR (1,000 sq ft)

2BR (1,250 sq ft)

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Price Range: Clients who have more than 10 turnovers per month may qualify for a discounted rate.

Easily automate your scheduling by syncing calendars.

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What Can I Have Cleaned?

Every cleaner we send you has passed our strict 5-step vetting process and has extensive hotel/vacation rental cleaning experience. While you’re free to create a custom checklist for your cleaner, here’s what’s normally included in a vacation rental/Airbnb cleaning in Durham:

Laundry : Wash linens and towels

Make bed w/fresh linens

Sweep and Mop Floors

Vacuum Carpet and Rugs


Clean Mirrors

Clean Toilets

Empty Inside Trash and Place in

Outside Bins

Wipe Countertops

Wash, Dry, Put Away Dishes

Bathtubs/ Showers

Fridge Cleaning

Stove Cleaning

What You Get

Knowledgeable and dependable cleaning experts who have experience in VRBO and Airbnb cleaning.

Never a ‘No-Show’ Guarantee – a cleaner will ALWAYS show up to perform your vacation rental cleaning.

Fast, user-friendly scheduling process you can access from any device.

Photos of the completed cleaning.

Damage report through the app.

Free hugs (on request)!

Professional maid

What You DO NOT Get

Unlimited free-of-charge personalization of cleaning packages isn’t included. You’ll have to let us know in advance if you’d like to adjust your service. 🙂

Highly detailed Airbnb cleanings are an exception, not the norm, due to being way too costly and time-consuming to be done on every turnover. The goal is to present your guests with a safe and tidy environment, not take away from your bottom line.

You’ll never receive a low-quality service or have to deal with unreliable or bad-tempered cleaners.

Professional maid

How The MaidThis Cleaning Durham Process Works

Step 1

Automated scheduling

We will sync our software with your calendar, so your turnover cleaning will be automatically booked right after a guest checks-out.

Step 2

Your primary/backup cleaners arrive

You will be matched with 2-3 professional cleaners who have passed our 5-step vetting process and have experience in VRBO and Airbnb cleaning.

Step 3

Reporting any damages

If you so prefer, your cleaner will also inspect your property for damages and notify you if anything is found. All this that you get from your maid service will greatly streamline your operations.

Professional cleaning process in Durham, NC

Some amazing companies we team up with

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We’re proud of our many loyal customers

Lorena and Augustin have cleaned our apartment on several occasions now and are amazing. They get every detail – including de-furring our cat castle – and are extremely efficient. Using the MaidThis service is also very convenient, with great customer service. I highly recommend.

Lindsey Raleigh

Monthly Cleaning Client


Hours saved

I have used several cleaners as an AirBnB host and the MaidThis service is by far the best. The main reason is that you have a real team behind the web presence who are ready to jump in and help at any time – a big difference from other web services out there who tend to cancel last minute and are unable to find replacement cleaners. MaidThis has A+ customer service / support and there has never been a no-show.

Vlad S

Weekly Cleaning Client


Hours saved

I’ve been using MaidThis for years. Their automatic booking system is flawless and totally takes away the need to manually schedule service for Airbnb cleanings. All cleaning crews they refer are good, which is remarkable. The management is responsive to feedback and they are continually improving the technology behind their services. Thanks MaidThis!

Micah Sloat

Bi-Weekly Cleaning Client


Hours saved

Fantastic, easy-to-use and super thorough cleaning service. Works perfectly for my part-time Airbnb!

Kristyn Armour

Monthly Cleaning Client


Hours saved

I highly recommend maidthis. I have a vacation rental in Long Beach that is cleaned by Marlyn and Lani a few times a week. They do an amazing job and are very professional. They clean the entire plave, put dishes away, do laundry, refill supplies. They automaticly sync with my calendars on Airbnb and VRBO so I dont have to do any scheduling. It’s soo easy. Additionally after each cleaning i recieved a report out with pictures of the completed cleaning and they will flag anything damaged or needing attention. I highly recommend Maidthis they are very professional and have great communication.

Jessica Pummel

Weekly Cleaning Client


Hours saved

Awesome and convenient cleaning service. I use this company for all of my AirBnB cleaning needs. I list multiple vacation rental properties and need them cleaned quickly, and MaidThis works with me to manage my schedule and act as a partner. They do a terrific job, would highly recommend.

Charles H

Bi-Weekly Cleaning Client


Hours saved

Maid for Airbnb users! This service is the best and Neel the owner is just a good guy all around. I’m out of the country and have my home in LA listed on Airbnb. I just go online to their website, pick the service I need, and voila, my house is cleaned and ready for the next guests, with in the same day. I’ve been booking back to back to back guests and the team totally comes on time and all of the guests are very happy with home. And if there is something in the house that needs addressed, the cleaners text me right away. Very happy to have found Neel and MaidThis! Great company, can’t say enough.

Kimberly C

Monthly Cleaning Client


Hours saved

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my house too dirty for a cleaning service?

This should be the last thing on your mind when you’re scheduling your house cleaning service in Durham through MaidThis Cleaning Durham. The experts know how quickly a house gets dirty even when the occupants have the time and energy to clean frequently. After all, the mission of our maid service is to make the maintenance of your home easier on you. And no matter how dirty you believe your house to be, the chances are your maids have seen (and cleaned) much worse!

How do I prepare my house for professional cleaning services?

The maid service provided by MaidThis in Durham is designed to cater to you and bring you the ultimate convenience. This means that you can leave all the residential cleaning to your Durham maids and focus on other things important to you. However, if you’d like to facilitate the cleaning process and maximize residential cleaning services results, there is something you could do beforehand.

To give your cleaner better access to different areas of the house and speed up the cleaning, tidy up a bit before they arrive. If you move things out of the way and put them back where they belong, you’ll give the maid the perfect blank canvas to work on. They’ll be more efficient and you’ll make the most out of your professional cleaning service from our cleaning company in Durham.

What does a typical Airbnb cleaning in Durham include?

Our cleaning company has a typical checklist for Airbnb cleaning that is similar to a standard house cleaning plan and includes tasks like:

  • Changing bed linen
  • Loading the washing machine
  • Making the beds
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Washing and putting away kitchen utensils
  • Vacuuming floors, carpeting, and rugs
  • Cleaning bathroom surfaces, like shower and toilet
  • Cleaning kitchen surfaces, like countertops and sink
  • Dusting in all rooms
  • Wiping down high-touch surfaces, like door handles and light switches
  • Emptying trash cans
  • Checking the place to report on damages
  • Restocking supplies

Put your mind at ease with vacation rental cleaning services in Durham supplied by MaidThis Cleaning Durham, a leading cleaning company with a high success rate and many happy customers.

What is the fastest way to clean a vacation rental/Airbnb apartment?

Turnover cleaning is a necessity, but few owners have the time and energy to perform a proper vacation rental/Airbnb cleaning. You may do it in between other errands and be distracted by other responsibilities. If you’re doing it in a rush, there’s always a risk of overlooking something or doing a poor housekeeping. This is why the best way to speed up your vacation rental cleaning in Durham is to hire professional cleaners at MaidThis Cleaning Durham. Not only will you stop wasting your precious time, but you’ll also get better quality professional cleaning and more profit from your vacation rental/Airbnb unit.

Where do I get the best Airbnb & house cleaning services in Durham?

Enjoy the perks of customized cleaning services in Durham by contacting MaidThis Cleaning Durham. Our cleaning company has an expertly designed plan for you no matter if you’re the owner of a vacation rental who wants to grow their business, an Airbnb host who’s after 5-star reviews, or a homeowner in need of reliable house cleaning services.

Make the most out of your spare time and put specialist maids in charge of your chores. We’ll be your trustworthy partner through thick and thin!

Why should I hire a house cleaning service in Durham, North Carolina?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to hire a house cleaning service in Durham. Some people hire a house cleaning company to save time, because they don’t have the time to clean their home themselves. Others might hire a house cleaner to improve their home’s appearance, or to maintain it in a clean condition between professional cleanings.

A professional house cleaning company can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your home will be thoroughly cleaned by professional maids that are experienced and know how to properly clean all the surfaces and areas in your home. A good house cleaning company will also use safe and effective cleaning products that are free from harsh chemicals. In this way housekeeping service will work for you, giving you more free-time to use it as you see fit. Also, expert house keepers, like our carefully vetted maids will do many specialized types of cleaning such as move in cleaning, move out cleaning, professional carpet cleaning, thorough windows washing and home deep cleaning which is a detailed cleaning of your whole house if necessary.

Special thanks to Signature Cleaning Concepts for sharing this information with us! You can learn more about them here:

How much does a professional maid cleaning service cost?

Depending on where you live, residential house cleaning services near me can cost around $40 per hour. And oftentimes when the maid service is reoccurring there are discounts! Keep in mind that prices may vary depending on the size of your home, the number of rooms that need to be cleaned, whether the cleaning needs to be done on a recurring basis, and whether any special requests are made (e.g., deep cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, etc.). To learn more, check out our pricing page!

How often should I get my house cleaned?

Ideally, you should have your house cleaned monthly depending on how quickly it tends to get dirty. However, life can be hectic and sometimes it is hard to keep up with that schedule. If you find yourself falling behind, there are plenty of professional contract cleaning services that can help get your home back in shape. These companies will typically come out to your home once or twice a month and perform a deep clean, which is a thorough cleaning of all your surfaces, floors, and appliances. This can be a great way to maintain a clean home without having to do all the work yourself.

This information was provided by our good friends at Superb Maids.

When is hiring a maid cleaning company worth it?

There are a few key indicators that will help you determine whether or not hiring a maid cleaning company is worth the investment. Take into account how often you entertain guests, the number of people in your household, and the size of your home. If you find yourself regularly hosting dinner parties or large gatherings, it may be worth your while to hire professional cleaners. The same goes for homes with multiple occupants; the more people there are, the more likely it is that things will get messy! Finally, take into account the sheer size of your home; larger homes obviously require more time and effort to clean than smaller ones.

All of these factors being considered, if you still can’t decide whether or not to hire professional cleaners think about the time saved from having to clean your house regularly!

Thanks to Ronnie at Clean Zone for sharing!

What is included in a deep cleaning of a house?

Housekeeping Cleaning ServicesOur house deep cleaning services is a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces, furniture, fixtures, and other components of the home. It goes beyond the more conventional surface cleaning and ensures that each corner and crevice of your home are cleaned properly for maximum hygiene standards.

Typically, deep cleanings involve deep scrubbing or even shampooing carpets as well as sanitizing bathrooms, kitchens sinks basins etc.. Additionally it also involves detailed dusting and wiping clean all baseboards & window sills including fixtures like furniture, couches, chairs, kitchen tables, and more. This comprehensive approach to house cleaning can help rid your home from dirt build up in hard-to-reach places, allergens like pet dander or mold spores, as well as other contaminants that may have gone unnoticed over time.

For busy homeowners who don’t have the time or energy to do a full deep clean on their own houses may find themselves overwhelmed with where to start. In such cases hiring a maid service can be beneficial. Maid services specialize in doing janitorial tasks efficiently and quickly while taking into account all safety protocols, protecting both you and your family’s health during this process! A reputable maid service usually follows a standardized checklist providing not only basic but also specialized cleaning services depending upon one’s needs so they will surely make sure that every nook & cranny is thoroughly cleared out!

We would like to thank our wonderful friends at Rise and Shine Cleaning Service provided this great house cleaning tip.