professional cleaning services in Durham

Professional Cleaning Services in Durham, NC

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Types of One-Time Cleaning Services

Regular Cleaning

Schedule help on a regular basis so you know when cleaners will show up and you don’t have to stress as everyday messes develop. Have a maid complete basic tasks or choose additional services from our comprehensive list, such as oven or window cleaning.

Move Out Cleaning

When preparing to move, let someone else handle the cleaning work. You can select the number of hours you need for move-out cleaning. We recommend that you choose one hour for every 300 square feet that you are looking to have cleaned.

Deep Cleaning

If your house is in need of deep cleaning, a maid can help you. We offer services that really scrub buildup in the bathroom and that take care of all types of messes in the kitchen that have been neglected for awhile.

Special Cleaning

If you need a quick cleanup before hosting family or you’re looking to have a single room cleaned, hourly cleaning services might work for you. You can choose the tasks that are done and how much time you want a maid to spend on each particular room.

Professional cleaning services in Durham, North Carolina
professional airbnb cleaning services in Durham

Choose Reliable Cleaning Services

Whether seeking help with vacation rental cleaning or regular cleaning, the maids you choose should make everything work out smoothly. Our MaidThis team cleans your home reliably and without issue.

Book Cleaning Services in Minutes

It shouldn’t take long to choose the deep cleaning tasks that you want done and then book services. We have a simple and comprehensive form to make booking cleaning easy.

Our Maids Work Quickly and Effectively

Whether doing regular cleaning work or handling move out cleaning, our team knows that the quicker they can get out of your home, the happier you will be.

Enjoy the Free Time Cleared Up

When you don’t have to worry about cleaning, you have extra time. This time can be spent focused on family or your hobbies.

Maid cleaning a living room

Our 5-Step-Cleaner Screening Process

We are careful about who we let into your Durham home!
Our maids are carefully screened before being allowed to work under the MaidThis name!

The Mission: To search everywhere to find you the best cleaners in the market!


Online Application

Each person interested in cleaning under our name must complete a full and detailed online application.


Phone Interview

We call those we are considering choosing and talk with them on the phone to learn more about them.


In-Person Meeting

We want to see all potential maids face to face so we meet with more questions for an in-person interview.



We need our team to be on the same page and to understand what our company offers so they go through an orientation process.


Background Checks

We are careful about who we allow into your home and a background check is done on each maid.

professional cleaning services in Durham

Think This is the Perfect Option for Your Needs?

We are serious about what we do and we make sure that you know our costs upfront. We will not make you deal with hidden fees or paying for maids who do not show up, and we are open about our entire process. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services, and we coordinate those services according to your needs and schedule.

For safety, maids don’t handle a few tasks:

Wiping light fixtures: Our maids never wet light fixtures as doing that could damage them.

Moving furniture: All furniture stays in place while cleaning to avoid creating issues.

Walls: We will not wet your walls as that could mess up the finish.

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We are as ready to work for you as you are to have us work. Use the convenient form below to choose the services that you want done or call us at 843-588-7184!

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