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Do you Need Your Home Cleaned Today?

Life is brimming with unforeseeable moments, and as an emergency cleaning service, we grasp the sudden need for immediate assistance. This awareness has prompted MaidThis in Durham to unveil our weekly cleaning service. We aim to instill confidence in you, assuring that we’re available whenever you require our services, regardless of the situation.

For those seeking a weekly house cleaning, we suggest contacting our office directly rather than utilizing our widely used online automated scheduling system. This guarantees a swifter response to your urgent cleaning needs.

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Easy, Breezy Weekly Cleaning

When a clean environment is essential, you need a home cleaning service that can come out on a weekly basis. With a weekly home cleaning service, you never need to worry about scheduling issues. They’ll be there when you need them.

Speediest Weekly Cleaners in Durham

When you book a maid service to provide cleaning each week, you don’t need to struggle with the booking process. It’s a simple process to schedule your cleaning appointments.

Convenient & Fast Cleaning Service

When precision and speed matter, you need to rely on a team of professional cleaning service.

Bring Your Life Back

If you have a busy schedule, you need a professional cleaning service. We’ll take care of the cleaning so you don’t need to. That way, you have time to enjoy your life.

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Introducing Our 5-Step Cleaner Screening Process

You might wonder how we can connect with the top maids in Durham. The secret to our success has everything to do with our comprehensive 5-step cleaner screening process.

Let us tell you about this process:


Online Application

Before being hired, a potential cleaning staff member starts the process by filling out an online application. This detailed application starts the screening process.


Interview By Phones

When potential maids submit an application, they receive a thorough phone screening. This gives a chance to ask important questions about applicants.


In-person Interview

Before maids get hired to our cleaning service, we meet for an in-person interview. This gives us a chance to make sure each applicant is a good fit for the cleaning service.


Company Orientation

When maids come to work for the company, they get the opportunity to participate in an orientation. Orientations are a great way to make sure that potential maids are a good fit for the cleaning service.


Background and Reference Checks

Every person who applies to become a maid completes a background check. The background check helps weed out undesirable applicants.

Why Choose Us?

When you hire MaidThis Cleaning Services, you’ll enjoy easy scheduling, thorough cleaning and easy billing. You’ll also get other important benefits when you hire MaidThis Cleaning Service.

You tell us where and when

Choose a convenient cleaning schedule that works best for you and your family. Once you establish the cleaning schedule, you’ll have professional cleaners come through each week for a deep cleaning.

Hand-Picked Cleaners

We’ll choose a maid or cleaning staff that we believe will best suit your cleaning services needs. This allows us to match you with the right maid.

Worry-free billing & payment

Ensure the elite level of cleaning services that are promised. Your professional home cleaning service will leave your home looking clean and smelling fresh.




Hours Saved



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We’re not happy unless you are

When you hire MaidThis, we won’t stop until you’re happy with the services. That includes taking care of the issues that cause problems in your home. If you have special concerns, MaidThis cleaning service will address those concerns. We’ll also take steps to prevent damage.

Here are three tasks we can’t handle due to potential issues:

MaidThis Cleaning Service will avoid electrical damage. That’s because professional cleaners won’t use wet wiping on your lamps or light fixtures.

A MaidThis maid will avoid moving furniture to prevent damage to your home.

When you hire MaidThis cleaning services, the professional cleaners will never clean the walls.That way you can avoid damage to your walls.

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27517, 27560, 27701, 27702, 27703, 27704, 27705, 27706, 27707, 27708, 27709, 27710, 27711, 27712, 27713, 27715, 27717, 27722

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Sounds wonderful. How would I sign up for a weekly house cleaning service?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to clean once a week?

It’s always OK to clean your home once a week. This helps reduce the clutter.

What is weekly cleaning schedule?

Weekly cleaning schedule ensures cleaning on the same day each week. This eliminates the guesswork.

Why is weekly cleaning necessary?

Weekly cleaning helps eliminate dirt and odors. It also helps ensure a clean and sanitary home.

What does weekly cleaning service cost?

Weekly service costs are determined by the type of services you receive. You’ll receive a detailed estimate when you arrange for services.