How to Effectively Automate Your Vacation Rental Cleaning

How do I automate my vacation rental cleaning

Becoming an Airbnb or Vrbo host is a tried-and-true way to supplement your income and get extra value out of your property. However, this comes with its own sets of challenges; namely, the need to always present a pristine rental property to your guests.

This may seem unfair, but the reality is that your guests expect to see the best vacation rental cleaning Sacramento has to offer when they enter your property. Needless to say, most Airbnb or Vrbo hosts lack the time and the high-end cleaning products necessary to render a cleaning that’s on par with what you’d find at a full-service hotel.

Luckily for you, you can automate your vacation rental cleaning in a way that keeps your guests happy without breaking the bank. Read on to learn more about vacation rental cleaning services and how they can make maintaining your rental property a breeze.

How do I automate my vacation rental cleaning?What if the guests damage my rental property

No business can reach its full potential without careful planning, and vacation rentals are no exception. You must ensure your guests always arrive at a spotless property. This means the vacation property needs to be given a standard cleaning between guest bookings.

A standard Airbnb cleaning includes:

  • Washing the dishes and storing them in a cupboard,
  • Thoroughly cleaning the showers, bathtubs, and toilets,
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floors,
  • Throwing out the garbage,
  • Changing the bedsheets and making the beds,
  • Wiping light switches, door handles, and countertops,
  • Checking for any damages and replenishing low inventory.

Keep in mind that a place can get dirty even if nobody has visited it for weeks or even months. If your Airbnb hasn’t had any guests in a while, you should at the very least have it dusted and aired before the next guests show up.

Should I deep clean my vacation rental?

Without question. Depending on how many guests it gets, your vacation rental will likely need to be deep cleaned more often than your home. The good news is, reputable vacation rental cleaning companies offer periodic deep cleanings that are covered by 100% satisfaction guarantees.

An Airbnb deep cleaning includes:

  • Wiping baseboards,
  • Cleaning inside the fridge and oven,
  • Washing the carpets,
  • Cleaning the interior of cabinets,
  • Thoroughly cleaning the appliances and the bathroom,
  • Cleaning under furniture,
  • Cleaning light fixtures.

What if the guests damage my rental property?

Unfortunately, there’s always a possibility that your property might get damaged. The good news is, both Vrbo and Airbnb enable hosts to file damage claims against the guests, with Airbnb even offering a Host Guarantee of up to $1 million USD.

Vacation rental cleaning services can assist you in this regard by giving your property a quick inspection and notifying you about any damages or malfunctions they encounter. This prevents the problem from getting worse and allows you to fix it before the next guests arrive.

What if the guests damage my rental propertyHow do I keep track of toiletries and other supplies?

Some guests use up napkins, toilet paper, light bulbs, and other supplies like they’re going out of fashion. Once again, your vacation rental cleaners can take an inventory and let you know if any of the supplies need to be replenished before the next guests show up.

Where can I book the finest vacation rental cleaning Sacramento can provide?

Your vacation rental could be located at a prime spot and have a breathtaking view of downtown Sacramento, but it’s still going to get low ratings if you don’t clean it properly. Here at MaidThis, we’ll be happy to take that responsibility off your hands.

Every maid we work with is a highly-trained expert who boasts an unparalleled work ethic and many years of experience. With our help, your property will always be squeaky clean and ready to impress future guests. Get in touch with us today.

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