Environmentally Friendly Airbnb: Is Your Vacation Rental Eco-Friendly?

Is Your Airbnb Environmentally Friendly? from MaidThis.com

Is Your Airbnb Environmentally Friendly? from MaidThis.comIs your Airbnb environmentally friendly? Plenty of hosts ask themselves this question at several points throughout their hosting experience.

There are plenty of ways you can “go green” in your vacation rental and varying benefits for each change you make. Here are 4 ways to make your Airbnb environmentally friendly and the positive impact it can have.


Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

Energy Star-rated light bulbs have been around for years now and are far more affordable than they used to be. While many may have questioned their effectiveness, the data is clear: Energy Star-certified light bulbs use up to 90% less energy than “traditional” light bulbs. That’s pretty amazing!

While we don’t recommend changing out all your light bulbs simply for the sake of saving energy (and ultimately wasting perfectly usable “traditional” bulbs that are still operational), we do recommend you replace old bulbs as they burn out with Energy Star-approved ones. You may opt to purchase enough bulbs for your entire home all at once so you can ensure the light coloring and potency is consistent from room to room, but this isn’t completely necessary.


Effective Weather-Stripping and Caulking

We often don’t think about the weather-stripping or caulking around doors, windows, and showers and sinks until we notice an issue. That said, it’s far better to head off issues by checking these things a couple of times every year than to wait for problems to arise.

Poor caulking or weather-stripping can lead to pricey leaks – from water to cold air coming in during winter to leaking cold air seeping outside during the hot summer months. These ultimately jack up your utility bills and long-term can cause potentially serious damage in your home. 

Keeping tabs on them to keep your costs down and use less energy overall is ultimately good for the environment. 


Efficient Water Fixtures

While you can’t control how guests utilize the water in your home, you can do your water bill and the environment a favor by installing low-flow shower heads and sink faucets in your bathrooms and kitchen.


Is it worth making the switch? The EPA estimates that the average American family uses as much as 300 gallons of water at home every. single. day. That’s a literal TON of water. By installing low-flow faucets and shower heads, you could reduce as much as 60% of water over-usage!


Smart Thermostats

Guests change the internal home temperature a lot. Let’s face it: It’s impossible to please everyone! 

How can you ensure your heating and cooling bills don’t run through the roof? Install a smart thermostat that will allow you to “lock” minimum and maximum temperatures. Not only will you potentially save a bit of money on your monthly bills but you’ll be doing the earth another small favor.


There are plenty of ways you can translate “green home” basics into your Airbnb. Look for things you can do with few barriers. You might be surprised how easy it is to implement environmentally-friendly practices into your vacation rental.


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