Find A Motivational Boost to Declutter Once And For All

Perhaps you’ve tried convincing yourself (and your mom) that you actually enjoy the mess you’ve surrounded yourself with, that it’s cozy and artistic, that it makes you feel laid-back and free. However, messiness could be a sign of lacking self-control or something being amiss with your inner life. Professional cleaning can show you that thorough decluttering is not only worth every penny, but also immensely liberating.


In fact, your mental state could greatly benefit from decluttering, leaving you more resolved to better cope with everything else. And what better time than the beginning of the year to start with a clean slate.  What’s more, you’ll feel empowered for a vigorous, fresh start in just about every other aspect of your life. Here’s some tips from the pros at cleaning services Palos Verdes to help you get started!


You are what you think you are


Do you think that, as far as tidiness goes, you’re hopeless and that your living space is destined to be forever messy? Well, if that is so, you might be right. It turns out that if we believe that some things are deeply rooted in our very nature and can’t be helped, we get trapped.

Basically, if you consider yourself to be lazy, undisciplined, unmotivated, or lacking the willpower to see things through, you’ll most probably behave in line with that thinking. Instead, convince yourself that you can do whatever you set your mind on, and you’ll see that positivity come to life and manifest itself in your home and in your head.

As simple as can be – the 1- touch rule

Imagine never again being late due to having misplaced your favorite handbag or forgetting under which pile of stuff you left your car keys. Visualize the admiration on your friends’ faces while you proudly host a gathering in your decluttered and improved home.

The 1-touch rule is a clever shortcut that is easy to adapt to, and it’s really simple. As soon as you are finished using an item, put it back in its place, instead of procrastinating and changing its locations so many times that you no longer know how it got there, let alone where it belongs.

Baby steps

Take your time, clutter is annoying but perfectly manageable. Since it took a while for it to go from barely noticeable to completely unbearable, you’ll need to dedicate a decent amount of time to tackle it.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew, as being overly ambitious can backfire. Instead, deal with one room or one category of items at a time. That way, you’ll witness tangible progress, and that’s the best motivation.

Defeat clutter with premium cleaning services

Some clutter may seem harmless, but it can swiftly get out of hand and take over. At that point, just thinking about tackling it will leave you utterly exhausted. Luckily, referral cleaning services will show you where to start, or, better yet, do all the work for you and set you free. What’s more, with your home tidy and well-organized, you’ll be able to better focus on any substantial task at hand. Don’t let clutter win – get the upper hand and call us today!

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