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A Thorough Bathroom Cleaning is Important For Your Safety

Because the bathroom can be a place to pass germs to family and guests, it’s critical that it be cleaned on a weekly basis. If your schedule doesn’t allow this, MaidThis can easily come in and expertly clean your bathroom.

Sanitize Your Countertop and All Sinks

Choose a cleaning schedule tailored to your lifestyle, and our professional maids will consistently arrive promptly for each appointment. Our hassle-free and efficient process ensures a thorough cleaning that contributes to a healthier living environment.

Scrubbing Toilets

Addressing the most concerning area in the bathroom, our expert cleaners meticulously attend to every detail, from the top of the tank to the seat and below, ensuring a comprehensive scrub of the bowl. This meticulous approach guarantees not only cleanliness but also a hygienic space.

Shower Disinfection

Using powerful disinfectants, we wipe down your shower, targeting water spots on walls and showerheads. Our cleaning extends to the edges of your tub, product shelving, and the often-neglected drain area, leaving your entire shower space not just clean but also sanitized.

Cleaning Mirrors

Experience a mirror polished to a spotless shine that enhances the overall appeal of your bathroom. Our attention to detail extends to the mirrors, creating a clear reflection of our commitment to cleanliness for you and your guests.

Mopping Floors

Our comprehensive floor maintenance includes sweeping and mopping throughout the entire bathroom, reaching under cabinet doors and behind the toilet and pedestal sink. This thorough process ensures a pristine environment, contributing to an overall cleaner and healthier living space.

MaidThis Bathroom Cleaning Solutions

Bathrooms are prone to quick and stubborn dirt buildup. Additionally, certain areas in the bathroom, like the base of the shower and the often-overlooked gaps behind toilets and pedestal sinks, can be challenging to reach and clean effectively. Engaging in consistent weekly cleaning routines for this space is essential to maintain a healthier environment for your entire household.

Long List of Satisfied Clients

Jonathan Boyce
Jonathan Boyce
home cleaning done right
bonnie shrader
bonnie shrader
they did a good job.
jonathan montenegro
jonathan montenegro
did an amazing job cleaning my home.
Michael Luna
Michael Luna
Great service
Shailey Shah
Shailey Shah
This is the easiest service to book and they tell you exactly what you are getting in your cleaning. It's great that you can include add ons online if you need anything extra done. Whenever I have called, there is always someone available over the phone to help me; and when they are busy someone always promptly calls me back.
Robin Brinson
Robin Brinson
Teresa deep cleaned my house today. I can says, without hesitation, she did a really outstanding job. The entire process with them from beginning to end is such a pleasure. She did an incredible job and had every detail sparkling clean. I will definitely use them again and highly recommend them for your job.
Catherine Cameron
Catherine Cameron
Awesome! Today's cleaning by Teresa was super efficient and I'm still basking in how clean our house is - I don't think it's ever looked and felt this good. So grateful for the fantastic service. The customer service is great too and the service is very easy to set up and use.

Bathroom Cleaning Solutions for Your Home

Every time you book an appointment for a housecleaning with MaidThis, your bathroom will be cleaned. We can do this during our regularly scheduled weekly appointment, on a monthly basis, or for a bathroom deep cleaning before guests arrive.

If you’ve been renovating, you can also hire MaidThis professional bathroom cleaners to provide bathroom cleaning at an hourly rate. No matter your need, a thorough scrub of your bathroom will be included. You can also book us for a one time cleaning if you find yourself dealing with an emergency.

What you can expect when you hire MaidThis maid service to clean your bathroom

Scrubbing and disinfecting sinks and showers

Tidying up and sanitizing cabinets, countertops, and linen closets

Eliminating soap scum around the tub and shower, banishing it with a swipe

Polishing lights, fixtures, and various bathroom hardware to a sparkling shine

Thoroughly sanitizing your countertop and sink or sinks

Mirror cleaning and polishing

Your Bathroom Will Be Ready for Family and Friends

It’s recommended that your bathroom be cleaned on a weekly basis. If there’s illness in your home it may be necessary to clean this room more often. Because our MaidThis maids are carefully hired and fully trained, you can be sure that they will employ the most diligent processes and environmentally friendly products to thoroughly clean your bathroom.

Protect your family and guests with a thorough clean of this crucial area of your home. From light switches to bathtub, you can be sure that your bathroom is well-sanitized and disinfected for the safety of your loved ones.

This sounds great to me!

MaidThis can help you clean your bathroom and home efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does bathroom cleaning include?

Bathroom or washroom cleaning includes disinfection of all hard surfaces, such as toilets and sinks. We’ll also scrub your shower enclosure and tub. We’ll dry dust your light fixtures and polish any glass or mirrors before disinfecting the light switch, sweeping, and mopping the floor. A full disinfection of surfaces that get a lot of skin contact, such as your tub and toilet, are critical to your safety and the health of family and guests.

What is the standard procedure for cleaning the bathroom?

A focus on disinfection is always critical in washroom cleanings. Because bathrooms are often wet, it’s possible for bacteria and mold to thrive there. Once we dry dust light fixtures and the top of your shower enclosure, we’ll wet clean your tub and shower enclosure, tackling soap scum and polishing any metal and glass. Your mirror will be cleaned, then your sink and countertop disinfected. Finally, the inside and outside of the toilet will be disinfected before the floor is swept and washed.

How long should it take to clean a bathroom?

When a bathroom is cleaned regularly, it shouldn’t take long to clean. However, if soap scum has built up or hard water deposits are visible on glass shower doors, the bathroom deep cleaning process may take longer. Your MaidThis professionals will put in the time necessary to leave you with a clean, disinfected bathroom!