Odd Perils Covered Under the Residential Insurance Policy

Despite the fact that earthquakes and floods are frequently the headlines of the news channels and newspaper for causing a destruction of the property, it can be a surprise for the insurance policyholders to know that these events are not covered under the usual insurance policy. Though some of the odd perils are actually included in the usual policy, if you are interested to know more about them contact your Public Adjusters for Residential ClaimsFollowing are the uncommon perils included in the residential insurance policy:

1. Lightning destruction

Striking lights during the blizzard can be damaging for businesses as well as houses. It can hit your possessions by the fire that can be damaging for the electric wiring and electronic appliances. Even though lightning damage is covered under the insurance policy, the damage triggered by power surge is not covered. Keeping this in the account, purchasing the power surge protector is better to protect your appliance.

2. Riots/civil turmoil

If your property is damaged due to the smoke, fire or explosion that was a result of the civil protest that was fierce is covered. Though typical insurance plans do not protect the act of battles this includes a terrorist activity or nuclear attacks etc.

3. “Falling Objects”

The typical insurance plans mostly follow the “open perils policies” that means all the loss is covered except those that are excluded and mentioned in the plan. Hence all the perils that are not covered are enlisted in the exclusion section. So this means that the objects for instance airplane debris, trees, space debris, meteorites or other objects falling from the sky will be covered.

4. Volcanic Eruptions

Where ever in the US you might not be interested in it still the typical policies cover the things that are damaged because of volcanic ash or lava. Whereas the same policy does not cover the damages occurred by the earthquakes that happen sometimes earlier to a volcanic eruption, for earthquake damages you need a different policy.

5. Spoiled Food

Any loss such as power breakage to refrigerators that was caused by a covered damage e.g. fire can spoil the food inside the fridge. But if the policy covers only 200$ of food and the loss incurred was 300$ the insurance carrier will only pay up to 200$. Now it’s up to you that you want to file the claim or not.

The deductibles and the limits depend on the insurer or policy purchased; therefore you must read out your policy and also talk to the insurance agent in case of any doubt.