Handy vs Tidy Vs MaidThis: Which Company Is Right for Your Airbnb Cleaning?

handy vs tidy airbnb cleaning

handy vs tidy airbnb cleaning


There are lots of cleaning companies – and cleaners, for that matter – out there that you can call on to clean your Airbnb after your guests have checked out. But what sets one cleaner apart from the rest? Between Handy, Tidy, and MaidThis, where will you get the most bang for your buck? ✓ 

We wondered ourselves. So, we did a little homework. Take a look at our competitors below and see how MaidThis measures up.

Cleaning by Handy 

Handy has great customer reviews and operates in a number of different U.S. cities as well as locations in Canada and the U.K.

The folks behind Handy created a business of nearly all home-based trades: They offer home cleaning, specialized installations, handyman services, outdoor projects, and more recently, home renovations.

How We Compare

So how, exactly, does Handy compare to MaidThis? From what we can see, Handy:

• Offers everyday home cleaning, move-out cleaning, and special deep cleaning.

Keeps everything streamlined through their online booking portal.

Promises reliable and experienced cleaners they’ve vetted themselves and on whom they’ve run extensive background checks.

Provides flexibility and convenience in scheduling.

How We Differ

Here’s the biggest difference we see between ourselves and Handy: Handy does not specialize in Airbnb turnover cleaning.

As a host, it pays to have cleaning professionals who know the ins and outs of cleaning a vacation rental: It’s not like simply cleaning a home that is consistently lived in by the same people. 

Guests expect their Airbnb to be somewhat like a hotel, so turnover cleanings must turn over every stone and ensure that everything is pristine, like each set of guests are the first ever to stay.

While we’re sure Handy’s teams do a fantastic job, at MaidThis, every single one of the cleaners we match with you has vacation rental cleaning experience. We’ve been in this game for a long time and know what’s expected so there are no hiccups or learning curves.


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Handy Tidy MaidThis
Partner with Other Vacation Rental Industry Service Providers
Report Low Supplies and Damages
Cleaners Send Turnover Completion Notifications
Automatic Calendar Sync – the App Schedules Cleanings for You
Airbnb-Specialized Cleaning
Flexible and Convenient Scheduling
Cleaners are Vetted and Background-Checked
Cleaning Fee Structured by Home Size
Cleaning Fee Structured by Hours Worked
App-Based Booking
Online Booking
Offers Specialized Cleaning Services
Available in Most US Cities Coming Soon!


Cleaning by Tidy

Tidy operates in major cities in over 20 U.S. states and like Handy and MaidThis, vets its cleaners and runs background checks on everyone they hire. Unlike Handy, however, Tidy sticks to strictly offering cleaning services to its clients. 

We’ll be honest: At first glance, it may seem like service between Tidy and MaidThis is a wash (pun intended).

How We Compare

How do Tidy and MaidThis compare? Tidy:

• Offers specialized Airbnb cleaning.

• Makes booking easy through their online booking portal and specialized app.

• Promises reliable cleaners who have specific experience with Airbnb turnover cleanings.

• Provides flexibility and convenience in scheduling.

How We Differ

Perhaps most interestingly, one of the biggest differences between Tidy and MaidThis is how we structure our turnover packages: Tidy structures their turnovers by the hour rather than by the size of your vacation rental.

This may seem trivial, but we argue that it matters. Here’s why:

No two stays are alike and some guests will be tidier (no pun intended here) than others. There are certain tasks that need to be done regardless of how messy your guests are or aren’t, but if you’re paying by the hour rather than by the size of your place, you run the risk of over-paying for what should have been a different kind of appointment. Alternatively, you may find that your place is messier than expected and if you haven’t booked a long enough appointment, your place may not be in tip-top shape for your next guests.

Here are a few other differences we spotted in our research:

At MaidThis, we provide our hosts with a software integration booking tool so they don’t have to lift a finger. Our booking system syncs with your calendar and books your turnover cleanings automatically. Tidy does not appear to offer any such system; hosts have to schedule individual cleanings themselves.

• Matched cleaners cross all their “t”s and dot their “i”s: Cleaners can send turnover completion notifications via the app with photos and timestamps so you know things have been done just the way you expect them to be. Tidy’s turnover cleaners may not report in real-time.

• When supplies are running low or something is damaged, the app will prompt your turnover cleaner to report it right away. Tidy does not explicitly offer this service to its hosts.

MaidThis knows the vacation rental industry and we work closely with a number of other partners in the sphere.

Guests expect their Airbnb to be somewhat like a hotel, so turnover cleanings must turn over every stone and ensure that everything is pristine, like each set of guests are the first ever to stay.

At MaidThis, we know that firsthand. After years of working in the Airbnb industry, we’ve learned how to keep your guests happy and ensure you get a 5-star review after every single stay, and we match you with cleaners who fit this bill.

Ready to take the leap? Book your first turnover cleaning with us now!

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