Have You Fallen For These House Cleaning Myths?

Your maid service in Orange County, MaidThis! is sharing some wide-spread myths about house cleaning. How many of them have you believed?

Kitchen sink is cleaned when you do the dishes

The logic is that if you use the detergent to wash the dishes you eat from, it should also clean the sink and the drain. But, the dishes get thoroughly rinsed and the make of the sink actually allows for grease, grime and bacteria to stick to the drain walls to some extent.

You can use baking soda as a green alternative to harsh abrasives. To clean drains you can use boiling water if you have metal plumbing. Plastic plumbing can suffer some damage from excessively hot water. You can also sprinkle some soda down the drain and then follow with the same amount of vinegar – the chemical reaction will break up the accumulated grease and grime film. You can also plug the sink, fill it with warm water and mix in a tablespoon of bleach – let it sit for a few minutes, use the water to wipe the faucet and the edges and then let it drain. If the clog won’t go away, consider looking for help at the Hackler Plumbing’s McKinney location.

Empty the vacuum bag when it’s full

Actually, to ensure the vacuum’s suction stays strong and effective you should empty the collected dust when the bag is three quarters full.

Coming in with the shoes on isn’t a big deal

It definitely isn’t, but it does have an impact on how quickly you get dust. The best strategy is to have some dust-trapping doormats, leave the shoes by the door and keep slippers on hand.

Regular detergent is OK for hand-washing

If you really want to keep your delicate items looking nice for a long time, don’t use the same detergent you would use in the washing machine. The chemicals can damage the fine woolen and silk fibers. Instead use a gentler option.

There’s no need to change the sheets every week

Maybe not every week, but every other – yes. Maybe you don’t feel it, but we all sweat when we are sleeping. Plus, we shed top layers of skin. The skin flakes and the sweat are a great grub for dust mites which can easily take up residence in tour bedding. Dust mites can cause allergies, besides the fact it is gross even to imagine they could be sharing our bed.

Vinegar is the ultimate cleanser

Vinegar is fantastic on many occasions because of its acidic nature. It is particularly good at getting rid of lime deposits, but it can also damage natural stone and hardwood surfaces. Another thing – vinegar is most powerful when it’s used as it is, no water added. However, even then it won’t be able to fight all types of bacteria and viruses. If some is down with a cold, use some chemical sanitizer to wipe off door knobs, faucets and other surfaces frequently touched.

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