7 Household Products for Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning - Los Angeles Cleaning ServicesThe circle is closing – we’re going back to the basics. Many of us are tired of heavy-duty chemicals and their magnificent promises advertisements would have us believe. Here is a list of all-natural cleaning products that you might have round the house, together with what they are good for.

Baking soda

This is probably familiar to you, as baking soda is found in many detergents. It’s a fantastic deodorizer (sprinkle it generously over the bottom of your garbage can) and it removes stains. You can clean your oven, bathroom and kitchen with it. You can also use it to remove upholstery stains, including those in the car, and sprinkle carpets with it before you vacuum them.

White vinegar

There’s no better and easier way to get rid of built-up lime in your bathroom than soaking the spot for some time with vinegar. You can also use white vinegar to clean grease and soap scum, but it’s also gentle enough to be used on hardwood floors. Burnt pans will no longer give you headaches if you fill them with vinegar and leave it to steep for some time.

Lemon juice

There’s no better-smelling cleaning product with so much versatility. It cleans grease, removes mildew and mold, and it never leaves streak marks. It goes well in combination with vinegar or olive oil. You can use it alone or combined to clean soap scum, showers and garbage disposals. Mixing it with white vinegar makes for a great disinfectant that also cleans windows and mops floors.

Olive oil

Yes, olive oil can double as a cleaning product, believe it or not. Use it to polish furniture and stainless steel, clean cast-iron pans and mend scratches on leather furniture.

Hydrogen peroxide

Mixed with water, hydrogen peroxide turns fizzy. This makes it a great way to remove substances off surfaces and to take out stains from white natural fabrics. Apart from cleaning countertops with it, you can add it to your dishwasher to get cleaner results. It will remove urine stains from white fabrics and also get rid of mildew and mold.

Castile soap

This eco-friendly soap made of olive oil and sodium peroxide is gentle for you and superbly versatile. Use it to shampoo your carpet, wash your laundry and remove fingerprints and dirt from walls.


This product is commonly used as an eco-friendly laundry detergent, but it can be put to other uses. It will unclog drains, deodorize garbage cans and get rid of stains from porcelain sinks.

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