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We will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are 100% satisfied. Nothing is more powerful than good word of mouth. Our customers vouch for the quality of our services and our strong track record of success speaks for itself. If you are unhappy with the service for any reason, simply let us know and your crew will return to re-clean your place at no additional charge. No question asked! We strive to ensure that you are getting the highest level of service at all times! If you want to find out more about our house cleaning services and Satisfaction Guarantee, please review our Terms of Service.

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On Time

Your maids will come to your house right on time, clean it efficiently & quickly, and leave your place spotless. Have more free time for your favorite outdoor activities in Burbank with peace of mind!

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Schedule a cleaning appointment in only 60 seconds through our simple and secure online booking system. Check out our prices, fill out the form and BOOM! Cleaning is scheduled!

Safety First

We go above and beyond to make sure that your cleaning professional is worthy of your trust. All cleaners we work with pass rigorous background checks, screenings and in-person interviews.

First-class Service

You are guaranteed exceptional maid service at affordable prices. Your experienced cleaners have the know-how and will make your house or apartment shine!

Flat Rate

You don’t have to worry about how long it will take our maids to clean your home. With MaidThis you can enjoy flat-rate prices without hidden fees, charges and surprises.

Easy Communication

MaidThis will always hear you out, whether it’s positive or negative feedback. We solve most complaints in 48 hours because we care about your satisfaction.

What Our Clients Say

My wife and I are thrilled how easy everything is with MaidThis, and now I’m a customer for life! If you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding your own cleaner, definitely try MaidThis


Monthly Cleaning


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I work a full-time job and I have a small kids at home, so by the time I get home the LAST thing I want to do is clean. If you need to save time, I recommend going through MaidThis. Their customer system was amazing.


Bi-Weekly Cleaning


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Using the platform was super simple. I’ve used my cleaners five times now, and the one time I did have to reschedule it was super easy, hassle-free. It’s really simple, it’s easy, and they’ve done great job.


Bi-Weekly Cleaning


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Yes! This service did an amazing job. My cleaners left the space sparkly clean and shiny. Thoughtful touches in the kitchen included the upside down teapot. It was just a superstar job, and can’t wait to hire them again!

Allison T

Monthly Cleaning Client


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The ladies that have come to clean our home are great! They arrive on time, clean quickly but thoroughly and are very friendly, especially with our dog. We also appreciate the consistent team. We’ll continue use the service as long as we need the help!

Shanna B

Weekly Cleaning Client


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I honestly can’t say enough good things about MaidThis. Their customer service was beyond helpful and polite! If you’re looking for a service with the best customer care in town. This is it!

Renee C

Bi-Weekly Cleaning Client


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Impeccable Maid Service in Burbank CA

Need a deep cleaning, recurring or one-time services? Reach out to MaidThis for access to one of the most professional house cleaning in Burbank, CA! MaidThis will have your house, condo or apartment thoroughly cleaned with the least hassle possible.

Sign up for a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly recurring cleaning and get up to 25%! We can help you create a unique cleaning list based on your specific priorities so that your maid will know exactly how you like things done! We will send the same cleaners to your home every time and they will deliver flawless service on each visit. To keep you on top of everything, we’ll even send you friendly email or text reminders before each appointment.

We’ve got you covered!

We are proud to be a part of the Burbank community and help make your lives easier by referring you all to an invaluable service: impeccable house cleaning in Burbank! Looking for a trustworthy and efficient housekeeper in Burbank? A top trusted cleaner? We’ve got your back! Maids we work with uphold highest standards of cleaning. We take good care of them so that they can provide an unparalleled service each and every time they visit your home!

Also, you don’t have to worry about the supplies. Your cleaner will use the best equipment and cleaning products. Tell us if you’d like them to use green products or your own supplies. Just give us a call at 855-971-6243 or email us at We will make your home all tidy and clean!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a cleaning service provider?

To find the best cleaning company in Burbank for your specific needs, consider the following factors:

  • Track record: Look for a local house cleaning service near you with a good reputation and positive reviews from previous customers. Experience in the industry is also a valuable indicator of their professionalism and expertise.
  • Portfolio: Assess the custom cleaning services offered and ensure they align with your specific cleaning needs. Some cleaning companies may specialize in certain areas or offer additional services such as carpet cleaning or window washing.
  • Insurance and bonding: Verify that your cleaning service provider of choice is insured and bonded. This provides protection for both you and the housekeeper in case of any accidents or damages that may occur during the cleaning process.

Pricing and quotes: Request quotes from multiple companies to compare prices. However, it’s important to consider the overall value rather than solely focusing on the lowest price. Quality of service, reliability, and professionalism should be taken into account.

Do you tip your weekly cleaning lady?

Tipping your maid is a personal choice. If you are satisfied with their work and feel they take extra steps to ensure your satisfaction, it is common to show appreciation through a tip. The amount can vary, but a general guideline is to tip around 10-20% of the cost of one cleaning or consider providing a small gift or bonus during special occasions.

How do I prepare my house for a deep clean?

A few steps you can take to optimize the cleaning routine are:

  • Declutter: Remove any unnecessary items from the surfaces and floors to make it easier for the cleaners to access and address the areas effectively.
  • Secure Valuables: Put away any items that you prefer to handle personally or store them in a safe place to prevent accidental damage during the cleaning process.
  • Communicate Special Instructions: If there are any specific areas or items that require special attention or if you have any specific preferences or concerns, be sure to communicate these instructions to the cleaning service provider in Burbank beforehand to ensure they are aware and can accommodate your requests.

Clear Access: Ensure that your home cleaner has easy access to all the areas they need to address. Unlock any doors or gates that may be necessary for them to reach certain parts of the house.

How do you deep clean a neglected apartment?

Hiring professionals is highly recommended as they have the expertise, equipment, and specialized cleaning techniques to tackle deep cleaning effectively. Trained and experienced cleaners can handle the removal of tough stains, grime, and unpleasant odors more efficiently. 

They also have access to commercial-grade cleaning products that are effective in restoring the cleanliness and freshness of the space. By hiring a cleaning company, you can save yourself the stress and effort of dealing with a particularly dirty or neglected apartment and trust that the job will be done thoroughly and professionally.

How can I find highly customized cleaning services in the Burbank area & near me?

MaidThis brings you the easiest, most convenient way to connect with adaptable cleaners north of the LA River all the way to Brace Canyon Park and anywhere in between. Our handpicked roster of experts stands ready to tackle even the toughest cleaning tasks, to your ultimate benefit.

Even if you reside outside of the Burbank area, we have the means to help you find a team that will make your home a picture-perfect image of hygiene and healthiness. Count on us for:

Don’t settle for less than excellence when it comes to the cleanliness of your home. Reach out to us today and elevate your living space!