How To Make Your House Guest-Ready?

How to clean quickly for unexpected guests

How do I get my house ready for guests

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, organizing a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, or looking to impress your business partners, the best way to achieve a genuinely relaxed atmosphere is to host the occasion at your Los Angeles home. 

Getting a place ready for guests can be tricky, however. In addition to preparing the food, drinks, and a pleasant atmosphere, you also need to ensure your place is squeaky clean. This goes double if you’re entertaining important individuals such as your boss, coworkers, or romantic interest. 

The best way to quickly and effortlessly make your home pristine is to hire a reputable downtown LA maid service, but, of course, it’s not the only way. In this article, we’ll explain how to get your home guest-ready with minimal hassle. Read on to learn more. 

How do I get my house ready for guests?

Cleaning your place before a party or dinner isn’t like performing a standard or deep cleaning. Your goal is to make your guests comfortable and impress them with your spotless house, so you have to focus on a few select areas. As with all things in life, a little planning goes a long way. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which rooms will your guests be in? Make sure these areas are sparkling clean and don’t waste too much time cleaning the rooms your guests won’t get to see. 
  • Which bathrooms will your guests use? Give these bathrooms a deep cleaning. The last thing you want is for your guests to be grossed out by an unkempt toilet.
  • Are your guests allergic to your pets? If so, make extra sure there are no pet hairs around and confine your pets to a secluded area. Remove any decorative plants your guests may be allergic to. 
  • Will your guests be sleeping over? If the answer is yes, make sure they have clean sheets and that their beds are perfectly made. Have spare toothbrushes and similar items available in case your guests forget to bring theirs. 
  • Do your guests suffer from chronic conditions? Issues such as asthma can be aggravated by poor indoor air quality that can be caused by not airing your house often enough, having mold or fungi, dampness, Los Angeles smog, and the like. Pay attention to these things during your cleaning. 

How to clean quickly for unexpected guests?

This depends on how much of a mess your place is in. If it’s really bad, you need to contact a professional cleaning service in LA and have them send someone over ASAP. Career cleaners know how to provide short-order cleanings that will make your guests nod in approval at the cleanliness of your home. 

What to clean before guests arrive?

Concentrate on the rooms and the areas your guests will actually see. No one’s going to get down on their knees and find the crumbs under your sofa, but they’ll definitely notice a greasy tabletop or a dirty sink. 

Take special care to:

  • Remove clutter,
  • Remove pet hairs,
  • Wash glassware and cutlery,
  • Thoroughly air the place,
  • Wipe dust off the countertops and tables,
  • Clean the toilet seat and the sinks.

Where can I book a first-rate downtown LA maid service?

How to clean quickly for unexpected guestsSometimes you simply can’t find the time or the energy to clean. That’s perfectly normal, and is one of the reasons why trusted referral agencies like MaidThis are so successful. We work with trained cleaners who can make the mess in your Los Angeles home go away while you take a relaxing stroll through the MacArthur Park.

Book a cleaning today and ensure your guests’ comfort and happiness! 

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