How to Get Your Partner to Help With Housework

How do I ask my partner to help clean

Are chores allocated fairly in your household? Not really? You feel like you’re holding all the pieces together and covering all the tasks. Well, you aren’t alone! According to a study by the Pew Research Center, only 38% of women are satisfied with the chore distribution. 

To avoid being overwhelmed with housework, you can always hire Montebello, CA, house cleaning professionals. They’ll face all the challenges for you. But still, you really wish you could get your partner involved. So how can you do it? Read the following article to find out!

How do I ask my partner to help clean?

Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away and forget what’s important: sharing the responsibility for house maintenance. The burden usually falls on women, who take care of all the chores. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, when compared to their husbands, women spend an extra hour per day on housework.

If you want to change this and stimulate your partner and other family members to participate, you should change your approach. Instead of asking them to help you, you should inspire them to bear responsibility for the mess they make since it’s also their home and not only yours.

That being said, here are some tips on how to motivate your partner to participate in home upkeep:

1. Discuss the matter carefully. 

Your partner may have a different perspective on household chores and fails to understand it’s a mutual duty. So you need to talk this through and point out the significance of your partner’s participation. Your partner shouldn’t feel like he’s doing you a favor if he does the laundry or tidies up your kids’ bedroom. He needs to realize he’s just doing his share.

2. Make a household maintenance plan together. 

You can’t expect your partner to wipe and mop whenever you think it’s necessary. That’s why you should devise a cleaning schedule that suits you best. You should strive to consolidate your other obligations to make this work, which requires careful planning and solid organizational skills.

It would be best to split all the tasks into many days, so you don’t get overwhelmed during the weekend. Ideally, you should endeavor to finish everything throughout the week and reserve the weekend for relaxation and outdoor activities.

Also, an incredible motivational drive is when you work together. For example, you can deal with the grimy kitchen drawers while your partner tackles the counter. You’ll make a great team and have time to discuss other matters while cleaning.

3. Treat yourself.

You can make a deal with your partner on how to reward yourself after you finish all the chores successfully. It might be dinner out or a relaxing walk during the weekend.

4. Get your kids involved.

If you have kids old enough to do some chores, get them to participate too. You can make teams and organize a contest to make it more fun. You can also establish an award system, play some energetic music, and everyone will have a blast.

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