11 Methods for Comprehensive Bathroom Cleaning

How can I clean my bathroom thoroughlyThere’s nothing more tedious than scrubbing the toilet or de-clogging the showerhead. But every homeowner dreams of having a spotless bathroom, as nobody really wants to soak in a bathtub covered in limescale or in an environment that breeds dust and germs. 

Letting professionals who offer cleaning services throughout Malibu maintain your bathroom’s hygiene is always an option. But if you want to complete this upkeep mission yourself, we’ve provided 11 time-tested pointers on how to keep your bathroom spick and span. Read on!

How can I clean my bathroom thoroughly?

Having an impeccable bathroom is easier said than done. Just think of the sink, the toilet, the shower drains, and the bacteria and viruses thriving there. But with the 11 tips we provided below, you’ll tend to your bathroom thoroughly, confident you made no mistakes along the way

1. Get your supplies ready.

We recommend buying green bathroom cleaning products, as you don’t want to expose yourself to dangerous chemicals. A duster, a vacuum cleaner, a mop, a few microfiber cloths, some dish soap, and a disinfectant will also be necessary. 

For those who enjoy DIY projects, white vinegar and baking soda are magnificent homemade solutions for removing grime.

2. Enable direct access to the surfaces you need to deal with.

Take cosmetics out of the way and return everything that doesn’t belong in the room to its proper place. Put dirty towels in the washing machine or the laundry basket.

3. Start from the top of the room.

The top-to-bottom approach minimizes dirt spread, so deal with dusty high wall corners first. Then wipe the tops of the cabinets.

4. Descale your showerhead.

Fill a sandwich bag with vinegar and water (1:1 ratio). Using a rubber band, secure it. Leave overnight, and rinse it the following day.

5. Go to hair catchers and bathtub stoppers.

Over time, a lot of dirt and hair gets trapped there, so this unpleasant chore is a must if you want to enjoy a splendid bathroom. Additionally, it’ll ensure that the drain is functioning properly.

6. Cover the shower floor and walls with your grime-fighting solutions.

Pour equal parts of white vinegar into hot water and apply this mixture to the shower surfaces. Leave it there for 5 to 10 minutes. This solution works on ceramic tiles and fiberglass well. However, white vinegar can ruin marble tiles. 

If you have a bathtub, it’ll also benefit from white vinegar. But avoid acidic cleaners for acrylic or enamel surfaces.

7. Tend to your toilet.

Pour one cup of white vinegar into the toilet bowl, followed by one cup of baking soda. For best results, leave the lid down for half an hour.

8. Start multitasking.

Tackle other bathroom tasks while products in the toilet and shower soften the dirt.  For a sparkling mirror, mix one part vinegar with one part water. Then, address the exterior and interior of the cabinets, the towel rack, and the door handle.

9. Rinse the shower and the toilet.

Rinse the shower with plenty of water and scrub the toilet with the brush. Flush it and disinfect the brush and its holder with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Pour a few drops of dish soap into warm water and carefully wipe the toilet seat and exterior. Next, rinse and dry. Finally, disinfect the entire toilet.

10. Make your sink and faucet look gorgeous again.

For this purpose, you’ll also need some dish soap and warm water. Apply over the sink and the faucet and rub gently, making sure to reach all the crevices. Let it sit for a couple of minutes, rinse, dry, and disinfect.

11. The floor comes last.

Vacuum the floor going under any pieces of furniture. Mop it thoroughly with warm water and dish soap. Rinse and dry.

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