Make Your House Pop Before a Party: A Pro Guide

Party at my place! This always sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? However, if you are the one saying these words, brace yourself – there is work to be done. There is a time for dodging or postponing cleaning your home, but now is not that time. It’s time to act! Do not worry though, it is a lot easier than it sounds, especially if you follow these cleaning service Mission Viejo expert tips.

You can, with a plan

As per usual, the first step is always sitting down with a pen and a piece of paper and formulating a plan. Start by remembering all those little details you noticed while attending other people’s parties, and go from there. Then, divide the tasks into achievable bits, preferably in room order. Allocate enough time to manage everything.

Let the sunshine in

And what better way to do so than by cleaning your windows and adjoining areas? Start by washing the windows and vacuuming the window screens. Get rid of any dust and cobwebs. Toss the curtains into the washing machine. It is amazing how big a difference clean windows can make, even for a night-time party. Turn the lights on and watch them glisten.

A spick-and-span bathroom

Impress your guests with a shiny bathroom. The most important thing is a clean toilet, so scrub it thoroughly. While it is less likely they will use the shower, clean it just in case. Arrange your bath essentials, or put them far from sight. Organize your medicine cabinet, mop the floor and give a good wipe to the sink and counter. Finally, wash your shower curtain.

Top-notch kitchen

The kitchen needs to be in tip-top shape as well. By doing so in the early stages of party preparation, you’ll have your kitchen ready for making and serving food. First, discard expired food and leftovers. This is how you make room for party food. Then, clean the kitchen surfaces with a moist cloth and make them shine. Wipe the refrigerator, as well as the appliances, and arrange them. Do not forget to sweep the floors and empty the trash can.

Make room to party

Now, let’s focus on the main party area. To begin with, move all the fragile items to a safe place. You don’t want somebody accidentally tipping over your favorite holiday memorabilia. De-clutter the area to make room for guests. Dust the shelves vigorously. Make room for coats and jackets by removing your own and by adding extra hangers. Lastly, remove the rugs. It’s better than washing them afterwards.

The final touch-up

You’re nearly ready, victory is in sight. Here are some finishing touches.

  • Clean bathroom mirrors
  • Use toilet bowl cleaner
  • Hang fresh towels
  • Fluff sofa cushions and pillows
  • Organize magazines and books
  • Clean the floors
  • Set up the party area by arranging flowers or lighting candles
  • Organize food and beverage stations

And voila, the let’s get this party started.

After-party cleaning is easier with the help of professionals

So, you’ve cleaned and prepared your house for the party all on your own. Do you really want to go through all that again, and so soon? Probably not! So, leave it to us while you rest and recuperate. Maid This! has got your back. We’ll even help you get rid of that headache.

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