Bet You Forgot to Clean This – Part 1

“I’ll go over that bit next week when I have more time” – does that sound familiar? That next week is almost never next week. We’re not trying to pin the blame, everyone lives a hectic life these days. Unfortunately, if you don’t follow up on your cleaning schedule, you’ll see dust and grime pile up in the areas you never get round to. And not only there. According to the experience of our professional cleaning service Santa Ana, there are spots in households that seem like no-one ever remembers to clean. Which are they?

Computer equipment & appliances

How often do you eat at the computer desk or in front of TV? Be aware that crumbs and food stains are bacteria magnets. Even if you fall in the admirable minority of those who don’t eat and switch channels or type at their computer keyboard, you should still clean the devices you use daily. The sheer amount of their use calls for this. What should you give a good wiping during the next cleaning?

  • Phones
  • Computer mice
  • Computer keyboard
  • Intercoms
  • Remote controls
  • Light switches

To thoroughly clean these areas, use a microfiber cloth and a cotton swab dipped in some rubbing alcohol to get in between the keys. If there are crumbs and loose debris in the key gaps, use a toothpick to get them out. Before you clean the keyboard, turn it upside down, so that crumbs, if any, fall out.

Before you clean these devices, make sure they are unplugged or that the batteries are taken out.

Tops of bathroom cabinets

Unless you’re as tall as an NBA player, you can’t see the dust that sits atop your bathroom cabinets. Well, as the saying goes – out of sight, out of mind. If you actually use the cabinet tops as extra storage space, it just means that dust will be more demanding to get rid of. Should you go the extra mile and clean this? Yes, you should (someone has to say it). If you just leave that dust be, the steam and hot air rising up will turn it into grime. And whatever dust doesn’t become grime will float around and settle in other places.

Door handles and knobs

Door handles and knobs don’t gather dust, but they collect germs and bacteria. When someone is ill, it’s especially important that you wipe door handles and knobs with some anti-bacterial agent. You should do this even when no one is ill, because we all spread germs regardless of whether we contract disease from them or not.

Tops of picture frames, picture rails and mirrors

It’s such a small and inconspicuous surface that it’s super easy to leave it to store dust. People are often stunned to see the incredible amounts of dust that can find home on top of picture frames and mirrors. If you remember to clean these, you’ll likely see less dust collecting in other, lower places in the room.

This is not all! Find out which other areas need your attention in Part 2 of this post.

You keep forgetting to clean? There’s a solution to your problem!

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