How to Clean Windows Like a Pro

how to clean windows

When it comes to how to clean windows like an expert, the best and easiest way is to reach out to Maid This, the best Redondo Beach maid service you’ll ever see, and have your windows cleaned by the pros. But you can also DIY! Many homeowners consider window washing a pet peeve. They often dislike it even more than they dislike other house chores, even regular carpet cleaning or the unavoidable decluttering. Part of what makes window cleaning so frustrating is that too many people believe they should be doing it using spray cleaners, paper towels (or even newspapers!), and a whole lot of elbow grease. These are common cleaning errors and we’ve all made them.

Well, enough is enough! In this article, we reveal some of the window-cleaning secrets the experienced maids we team up with rely on to give your windows that crystal clear look we all love.

Strip applicator washing

Don’t waste your time trying to clean a big picture window with a small tool. Strip applicators boast long cloth heads that soak up soapy water and scrape dirt off like nobody’s business! For your cleaning solution, just pour a little dish-washing liquid in a bucket of hot water, and you’re all set.

Wipe with a squeegee

If you’re right-handed, start off at the upper left corner (right, if you’re left-handed), and drag the squeegee in a pattern that sort-of resembles an inverted S. After each stroke, use a lint-free rag – linen napkins or even cloth diapers are great for this – to wipe clean the squeegee’s blade. Continue reading to learn more about how to clean windows in a way that makes them a joy to look at.

Dry the windows off

Get a wet chamois and wring it dry until it’s just a little damp. This way it will soak up the drips without leaving any streaks. Use it to wipe away the moisture remaining on the corners. Finally, grab a rag and use it to dry the windowsills.

Deal with those tenacious spots

Whether you’re looking for tips on how to quickly clean your house, or you’re preparing for a party and you want your place to be squeaky clean to impress the guests, it pays to spend a little extra time to get rid of those stubborn spots. After the regular cleaning is done, you can give the glass that extra loving touch by wetting it again and gently scrubbing it with some fine 000 steel wool.

With these tips, you’ll never again need to ask how to clean windows like a true pro. Still, there’s one more method that we firmly believe yields the best possible results while also giving you the invaluable leisure time you need to focus on things that truly matter.

How to clean windows with the best possible results

Window washing is something you do two, maybe three times a year, so it pays to have it done right by an enthusiastic professional with many years of experience. Our quick & easy booking method and two-part satisfaction guarantee ensures that you get top-of-the-line cleaning for your place. Feel free to reach out to Maid This today! We’re eager to impress you and make you proud of your sparkling clean home!

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