How to Clean Hardwood Floors in 5 Easy Steps

Do you need to grab a mop and clean your floors, but you don’t feel like doing it? This is so understandable! This is one of the more difficult and more boring tasks, and it’s far from anybody’s favorite activity. However, don’t get desperate. Keeping your hardwood floor pristine does sound complicated, and there are some mistakes you should avoid, but it’s far from impossible. 

To be on the safe side, you can always book a house cleaning service for your home in Pacific Palisades. But if you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person, we’ve prepared a short guide on how to clean your hardwood floors efficiently. Keep reading to learn more!

How do you clean wooden hardwood floors?

How do you clean wooden hardwood floorsWhat makes cleaning hardwood floors slightly challenging is their porousness. Water can easily seep into cavities, making your hardwood floor swell and wrap in no time. Also, their delicate nature makes them sensitive to harsh cleaning chemicals and abrasive vacuum cleaner attachments. 

If you aren’t sure what cleaning method to use, consult the manufacturer. However, in most cases, mild dish soap and warm water will be enough for regular maintenance.

So make your dull floors look gorgeous with these simple steps:

  1. Vacuum the floors gently, without using harsh attachments that could damage your precious hardwood flooring. 
  2. Add a few drops of dish soap or castile soap to warm water. Since you don’t want to oversaturate the floor, you don’t need large amounts of water: 4 cups will be sufficient.
  3. Grab a twist mop, dip it in your cleaning mixture, wring it, and then attend to a section at a time.
  4. Rinse and dry thoroughly, and then move to another section, always making sure to leave no water sitting on the surface longer than it should.
  5. Repeat this until you’ve covered the entire floor, and you’re done! However, you should also inspect your flooring once again and ensure you’ve performed well.

Extra tips:

  1. It might be tempting to use vinegar and baking soda for your hardwood floors if you’ve got used to cleaning with them. This isn’t a clever idea, as they can eat away the protective layer, making your floor look unattractive. 
  2. Avoid using straight ammonia, bleach, and other harsh chemicals. They’ll dull or scratch the finish too. You should also avoid these chemicals while cleaning your tiles.
  3. Don’t let water sit on your hardwood floor for too long, as your floor will absorb it and lose its shininess over time.
  4. Make sure to attend to your hardwood floors regularly, as lack of daily maintenance will make your favorite surfaces seem less attractive and grimier.
  5. When cleaning an entire room, always apply a top-to-bottom approach, leaving the floors last since you don’t want to clean them twice.

Who offers a reliable house cleaning service in Pacific Palisades?

Who offers a reliable house cleaning service in Pacific PalisadesCleaning your house in Pacific Palisades, whether it’s regular maintenance or deep cleaning, requires a lot of time and dedication. And you might just not have the time to do it yourself anymore! Well, we’re delighted to inform you that you don’t need to. With MaidThis at your service, all your household challenges, including cleaning your extremely dirty tiles, keeping your hardwood floor spotless, and so on, will seem effortless! 

We only partner with trustworthy experts who have been thoroughly background-checked and they’ll amaze you with their devotion and expertise. Enjoy stair climbing at Santa Monica Stairs while the professionals we send in go above and beyond to satisfy your needs. Make an appointment online today, and enjoy your splendidly clean house tomorrow! 

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