How to Declutter Your Home

how to declutter your homeWhether you’re doing it to simplify your life, or as a downsizing effort, decluttering a home is a serious undertaking that takes plenty of time and energy. There are a million different methods when it comes to decluttering, but the best and easiest method is have it done by Maid This, the premier maid service Redondo Beach can provide. Read on to learn how to declutter your home like a pro and avoid everyday cleaning mistakes that can needlessly complicate your efforts.

Living room & children’s rooms

Like top-notch window cleaning and the question of how to keep carpets clean, decluttering poses unique challenges that may seem insurmountable at first and require you to change some of your longtime habits. By doing the hardest area in the house first, everything that comes afterward will feel much easier.

First, pick a permanent storage space for oft-used items such as books, newspapers, gaming joysticks, and TV remotes. Empty your bookcases, the entertainment center, and the coffee table. Take a critical look at the items they hold and get rid of everything you don’t use. Store objects such as chargers and gadgets in a specific spot so they aren’t lying around.

Lastly, take a look at the toys. Inspect them for wear & tear. Ask yourself about each toy: do your children still play with it? When it comes to learning how to declutter your home, you’ll discover that just recycling old unwanted toys that are lying around, collecting dust, goes a long way.


Empty the medicine cabinet. Take a look at the labels on the medications and throw away the ones that have expired. Put the stuff you aren’t throwing away back into the cabinet and, as a little life hack, make sure you store everything you’re using regularly at eye level.

Take a look at the products under your sink and in the bathtub/shower. Getting rid of chemicals that have expired or are near their expiry date is not only a good answer if you’re wondering how to declutter your home, it’s also the health-conscious thing to do.


Empty the cupboards and the drawers. Inspect the labels on different products and throw away foods such as spices that may have expired. Rearrange everything in the storage spaces in a way that leaves your counters empty and easy to work on. Chances are, you’ll find plenty of items that do not belong in the kitchen at all, so just put them back in place.

How to declutter your home the easy way

Are you a hardworking professional, a student cramming for exams, or a parent busy caring for children? Do you invariably find yourself lacking the time and energy to do a thorough decluterring? Then reach out to Maid This, the top maid service in Redondo Beach. The expert cleaners we work with boast the knowledge and the tools necessary to declutter your home in no time and in a way that ensures lasting cleanliness. Our online booking system is specially designed to enable quick, hassle-free scheduling. Make your appointment today! We’ll become your go-to cleaning service in Redondo Beach.

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