How to Sanitize Your Home After a Member of Your Household Was Sick

How do I disinfect my house after illness

Being sick or caring for a sick family member or roommate is never easy. On top of all the stress and discomfort that an illness can bring into a household, you also have to prevent the other members of your household from catching the same disease.

Aside from completely quarantining the sick individual (which isn’t possible in most homes), properly cleaning and disinfecting your place is by far the most effective way to curb the spread of infectious diseases.

In order to help you out, we prepared a brief guide on how to sanitize your home during and after an illness. The following advice is universal, so it’ll be useful regardless of whether you’re cleaning yourself or using house cleaning services in West Los Angeles. Read on.

How do I disinfect my house after illness?

Infectious viral and bacterial diseases usually spread through the tiny droplets that come out of a sick person’s mouth and nose when they breathe, cough, or sneeze. These droplets can then contaminate various surfaces in your home and put anyone who touches them at risk of contracting the same disease.

In order to keep your place as germ-free as possible, you need to carefully disinfect any surfaces and areas the sick person has used.

Here’s how to clean and disinfect a surface:

* Step #1: Wear protection. Use disposable gloves and a facShould you wash your sheets after being sicke mask while cleaning. Don’t touch your face during the cleaning (germs can enter your body through your nose, mouth, and eyes) and carefully wash your hands afterward.

* Step #2: Clean. Grab some soap and water, or an appropriate household cleaner, and clean the surface to remove any dust and dirt.

* Step #3: Disinfect. Once the surface has been cleaned, disinfect it using an EPA-approved household cleaner. Make sure to follow manufacturer instructions and thoroughly ventilate the area while using the disinfectant.

When disinfecting, focus on these frequently-touched surfaces:

* Handles

* Doorknobs

* Light switches

* Computer mice and keyboards

* Microwave and oven controls

* Touchscreens

* TV and AC remotes

* Game controllers

* Desks

* Tables

* Countertops

* Toilet seats

* Faucets

* Keys

A word of warning:

Although popular green cleaning supplies such as vinegar and lemon juice can be effective in some types of cleaning, there’s no evidence that they can reliably kill household germs. To be safe, always use a disinfectant that has been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Should you wash your sheets after being sick?

Absolutely! Clothes, blankets, bedsheets, pillow cases, and other fabric items the sick person has used should be washed at the warmest washer setting that won’t ruin the material. They should then be taken outside (if possible) and left to dry for at least a day or two before being used again or stored.

Finally, avoid shaking these items before washing them, as that may cause the germs to be thrown into the air and make their way into the other parts of your home.

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