How to Have Energy to Do Chores When You Are Sick

How should I clean my house when sick

Getting sick is always a miserable experience. In addition to dealing with the symptoms, you also need to take time off from work, make an appointment with your doctor, and possibly pay through the nose for your treatment.

To make matters worse, there’s also housekeeping to worry about. While paid leave and medical insurance can provide you with some much-needed relief while you’re sick, you’re pretty much left to your own devices when it comes to cleaning your home during your illness.

So how do you clean your place while you’re sick? Can you still do some cleaning yourself, or do you have to book professional cleaning services in West Los Angeles? Can a dirty house make you more sick? Read on to find out!

How should I clean my house when sick?

cleaning services in West Los AngelesIf you’re dealing with a severe or chronic health problem that limits your mobility and energy levels, your best bet is to reach out to other people who are suffering from the same condition. They can provide you with guidelines and life hacks that can help you in all facets of your day-to-day life.

If you’ve already done the above and failed to find an effective solution, or if your doctor recommends that you avoid physical activity while recovering from your illness, your best option is to outsource your housekeeping to a team of professional cleaners.

On the other hand, if you’re suffering from an everyday disease that doesn’t significantly affect your mobility (for example, the common cold), you should be able to do some cleaning. In fact, maintaining a clean and dust-free home may even speed up your recovery by reducing the number of germs, allergens, and toxins your weakened immune system has to fight off.

Here’s how to clean your home while you’re sick:

* Disinfect everything. Grab a household disinfectant and regularly sanitize high-touch surfaces (handles, touchscreens, doorknobs, toilet seats, etc.). This will reduce the possibility of your roommates or family members getting sick as well.

* Take it slow. Avoid degreasing the inside of your oven, cleaning out the cupboards, or performing other exhausting cleaning tasks while you’re sick. Stick to the basics (vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and tidying up), and leave the difficult stuff for a different day.

* Don’t do everything yourself. Even if your spouse isn’t usually tasked with housekeeping, they should still take on some of your cleaning responsibilities while you’re not feeling well. If you live alone, ask friends or relatives to help out.

* Avoid deep cleanings. Deep cleanings require you to move bulky furniture, climb on ladders, clean extremely dusty areas, and perform other taxing and time-consuming activities that you really shouldn’t be doing while sick. If you absolutely can’t postpone your deep cleaning, call in a maid service.

* When doing the laundry, you should refrain from shaking your clothes and always wash your clothes at the warmest setting that won’t damage the fabric. Afterward, let the laundry dry out completely before storing or using it again.

premier cleaning services in West Los AngelesWhere can I book premier cleaning services in West Los Angeles?

Our immune systems are temporarily weakened when we’re tired or hungry. That’s why doctors always advise you to eat healthy foods and get a good night’s sleep, and recommend staying in bed and avoiding strenuous exercise while you’re sick.

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