How to Keep High Traffic Carpet Areas Clean

how to keep high traffic carpet areas cleanNothing spoils a lovely home decor like dull and dirty carpets. All it takes is a few pet accidents and spilled drinks, and your expensive carpeting can easily end up looking dingy. Of course, the best way to keep your carpets looking their best is to have them cleaned by the top cleaning services Redondo Beach has to offer, MaidThis. Read on to discover three great cleaning methods that make the question of how to keep high traffic carpet areas clean a non-issue.

As with all cleaning-related concerns, such as finding the most effective ways to declutter your home or the best way to wash windows, it’s important to avoid making mistakes when cleaning in order to prevent accidental damage your carpet.

How to keep high traffic carpet areas clean using hand shampoo

Yes, hand shampoo can be used to clean your carpet. All you need is a laundry detergent (make sure you pick one that’s made for your carpet’s specific material), a spray bottle, a nail brush, clean towels, and, of course, water.

First, vacuum the carpet and remove as much dirt as you can. Pour a little detergent into the spray bottle, add water, and shake it vigorously so it mixes well. Mist the area, but don’t soak the carpet, then lightly scrub the area with the nail brush, starting with the edges and working your way inward.

Dry the area using towels, then pat it down with a damp towel so as to strip it of any remaining detergent. Finally, pat the area with a dry towel to remove excess moisture before vacuuming the carpet again.

Dry cleaning

How to keep high traffic carpet areas clean without running the risk of damaging the carpet,” you ask? Then the dry cleaning method is for you! Since no water is used, this method is quite harmless. However, keep in mind that a certain amount of powder will stay in the carpet no matter how thoroughly you try to remove it, so make sure that the dry cleaning solution you use isn’t dangerous to pets and children.

First, carefully vacuum the carpet so there’s as little dirt as possible. Afterward, work the dry cleaning solution into the carpet, following the instructions on the label, then thoroughly vacuum the area until most of the dry cleaning solution is gone.

The foam method

If you want to learn how to keep high traffic carpet areas clean using the foam method, check this out! The foam method is similar to the dry cleaning method in that it doesn’t need water. Just keep in mind that, if you leave lots of foam residue in the carpet, it will attract dirt to that area in the future. As with dry cleaning, make sure your chosen cleaner solution is safe for kids and pets.

Start by vacuuming the carpet. Follow the instructions on the cleaner. Afterward, take a damp towel and rub the area with it to remove foam residue. Finally, restore the pile using the vacuum nozzle.

How to keep high traffic carpet areas clean the easy way

The benefits of hiring professional cleaners go beyond just receiving a high-end cleaning. By outsourcing your home cleaning to the top referral agency in Redondo Beach, MaidThis, you’re also reclaiming the free time you need to enjoy life. Book a cleaning today! We’re eager to make your home shine!

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