How Often Should You Get Your Home Cleaned?

The question of how frequently you should get your home cleaned has been on people’s minds ever since homes in the civilized world existed. If you ask a professional housekeeper in Silverlake, they will generally tell you that you should do a standard cleaning at least once or twice a week.

That being said, there are a number of factors that affect how often you actually have to clean your home. For instance, knowing where to start cleaning your place is a great way to drastically speed up your home cleaning, making more frequent cleanings less necessary.

In this article, we’ll delve deeper into this topic and suggest a few ways to make house cleaning easier. Read on to learn more.

How often should you clean your house?

How often should a house be deep cleanedAs stated above, this depends on many different factors. The truth is, every home has different needs. You must take a careful look at your specific situation and identify the main cleaning challenges you’re facing before you can decide how regularly your place should be cleaned.

The biggest factors include:

  • Size of your home directly determines how long and how taxing cleaning it is going to be. Big houses attract dirt and dust faster than smaller ones, so you should strive to clean them at least twice a week in order to prevent the clutter from getting out of control.
  • Your home’s location is another big consideration. For instance, downtown places require more frequent dusting and a greater focus on maintaining indoor air quality than countryside homes do.
  • Whether you have pets will have a huge effect on the amount of stray hairs that end up littered around your home.
  • Resident habits are perhaps the most important variable when it comes to home cleanliness. Some people just aren’t as tidy as others are. The presence of children is a big one here. After all, even the most well behaved kids tend to make a mess while playing.

Should you clean your house everyday?

This question directly relates to the factors stated above. If your home sees a lot of dust buildup or it’s located in a wet area that gets a lot of mud, doing a little cleaning every day is going to make keeping your place pristine a lot easier in the long run.

Likewise, keeping up with pet hairs or discarded toys is a lot simpler if you take some time out of each day to tidy up. It’s also healthier. Unaddressed dirt tends to fall into hard-to-reach places, where it can become fertile ground for all kinds of nasty bacteria and molds.

“A little cleaning a day keeps the germs away,” is what our grandmothers used to say, and it has never been as true as it is today.

How often should a house be deep cleaned?

Also known as spring cleaning, a deep cleaning is a special type of cleaning that uses powerhouse cleaning products to really get at the deeply ingrained grime that is difficult or impossible to remove using standard cleaning supplies and techniques.

Unless your home is located at some place where dirt accumulates with excessive speed, you shouldn’t need to perform deep cleanings more often than two or three times a year.

Where can you hire a trusted housekeeper in Silverlake?

Does all of the above sound like a massive hassle? It certainly can be, especially if you’re already working a full time job, taking care of children, or living with a health condition that makes cleaning extra difficult.

Luckily, Maid This is here to help. The cleaners we work with are first-rate professionals who boast extensive training, experience, and top-of-the-line cleaning supplies. Feel free to kick back and relax at the gorgeous Silver Lake Reservoir while we take care of the mess.

Reach out to us today. We can’t wait to give you the gift of a sparkling clean house.

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