Top Reasons to Hire Airbnb Cleaners

The Airbnb idea has truly revolutionized the traveling industry with its ease of use and potentially much cheaper accommodation than hotels offer. And the homeowners who aren’t using their home at that moment are offered a great way to earn a bit of cash.

That said, the system works as long as both parties agree to some basic rules. If you offer your home to someone, you expect them not to steal or break anything and the guests expect you to provide the amenities which you said are available.

However, the real world will not always be ideal. There are some people in the world who are downright mean. If you happen to come across them in your Airbnb experience, you may recognize some of these offenses committed by Airbnb guests. And if you’ve had such an experience, however unlikely, you might want to leave the cleaning to a professional cleaning service in Laguna Beach.

Misuse of kitchen appliances

Normally, you’d expect that giving people the use of your AC unit or a toaster would be no big deal, but some people just can’t operate them. Airbnb is choked full of people claiming their guests broke or damaged their appliances. Toasters, washing machines, even DVD players.

Smoking indoors

This is a pet peeve for a lot of people, as they loathe the smell of cigarettes. Most hosts specify you shouldn’t do this, so coming back and finding a cup full of cigarette butts indoors can be infuriating. And the smell of the cigarettes absorbed by pretty much everything isn’t the best thing ever, either.


Whether accidental or intentional, having something taken from your home isn’t pleasant. You’ve opened your home to people, and had your trust betrayed. It doesn’t really matter if it’s something big, or just a trinket, it’s a downer nonetheless.


The careless guests who leave the water running can cause you more than just a higher water bill. Water damage is no joking matter, which makes this quite a serious offense against your hospitality.

Messing up the bedding/towels

Sure, the bedding and towels you provide your guests are for their use, but you’d expect them to be used for their intended purposes. Some of the more colorful stories include towels used as waterproof makeup removers and bedding with cigarette burns and grease stains all over.

Toilet abusers

This may be an accident or a deliberate thing, but having your toilet clogged by someone else is probably the nastiest thing you can think of.


For some guests, the walls, furniture and doors are just a big canvas, and they are intent on leaving you a picture or two as a token of their gratitude.


The most common and most easily solvable problem (both for you and for your untidy guests) is leaving rubbish all over the place. Finished with that tin of fish? You could put it in the trash. Or fling it behind the sofa, whichever’s easier. Some descriptions of garbage-strewn floors on Airbnb complaint site are pretty descriptive. Still, the smell which accumulates after a few days is probably the worst repercussion of this type of offenders.

Drunk and disorderly

This problem most commonly arises when you are hosting a group of people, rather than just one or two people. They like to party, sure, you get that. But the mess they leave behind can be quite devastating. The worst case scenario includes broken furniture, vomit on the floors and/or the furniture and trash all over the place.

Whether you’ve had any of these terrible experiences, or just simply don’t have the time to clean your home for the next Airbnb customer, consider hiring the best cleaning service in Laguna Beach – Maid This.

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