How to Clean Your House Fast and Easy

how to clean house fast and easyDo you give yourself a pat on the back whenever you manage to keep the home clean for a longer stretch of time – longer meaning a measly span of several hours? Then you must be growing increasingly frustrated with household chores piling up. Perhaps you’re also irritably wondering whether professional Brentwood house cleaners have some sort of superpowers! If you want to know how to clean house fast and easy, whether because you’re expecting a house full of party guests or are just weary of living in a constant mess, here are some quick tips to help you get organized!

How to clean house fast and easy rule #1: avoid going into detail at first

The thing with house cleaning, even if you hate it, is that, once you get started, you feel the sudden urge to do it properly. You’ll get frequently distracted and feel utterly exhausted 15 minutes into the process, having spent so much energy paying attention to the tiniest details. We all know the outcome – either you give up right away or you lose motivation and it takes you forever to finish it up.

How to clean house fast and easy step 1: toss it out!

Make sure you have bags, boxes or baskets ready to fill with all the stuff that’s out of place throughout the house. Grab a trash bag and do a room-by-room scan. Throw away anything that serves no useful purpose – newspapers, old receipts, food packaging and the like. Don’t overthink it – be efficient and declutter.

Get the dishes out of the way

Move all the dirty dishes into the kitchen sink – or the dishwasher, if there’s room left. You don’t need to wash them just yet.

How to clean house: fast and easy principles

The Internet has been abuzz with the talk of ‘throw away, put away, give away’ principles, which are a smart way to sort out miscellaneous items which happen to be lying around the house.

Put everything back in its place

This step means having to take each item that doesn’t belong in a certain room and return it to the room where it belongs – even if it means making an ever worse mess in, say, the bedroom. Once you do this in all the rooms, you’ll realize how thorough and efficient the approach is.

Wipe down, then vacuum

Take care of sweeping, vacuuming and mopping after you’ve cleaned, that is, wiped down all the surfaces. This makes it possible to do a thorough job without having to go back and forth all day long.

How to clean house fast and easy bonus tip – cheat your way through it

Well, it’s not exactly cheating if you’re going to get round to dealing with the task at hand eventually, but bend the rules a bit. If you’re really pressed for time, hide the hamper with the dirty laundry and that pile of clothes that you were going to go through and see what to get rid of but haven’t had the time. However, make sure to put each task that you’ve put on hold on a to-do list and do it whenever you find the time.

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