How to Get the Most Out of My Vacation Rental?

How can I increase my vacation rental

What's better Airbnb or VrboWhile browsing Airbnb and Vrbo listings, you’ve probably noticed there are numerous properties that have middling ratings despite looking great “on paper”. Nine times out of ten, this is because their hosts failed to take full advantage of their vacation rentals

The reality is that short-term property leasing is a business, so it must be approached with utmost professionalism. Homeowners who cut corners or refuse to pay for the top Airbnb and Vrbo cleaning Sacramento can offer will inevitably receive negative reviews. And as we all know: bad reviews are the kiss of death for any vacation rental. 

In previous articles, we explained why vacation rental cleaning is so important, and how to remotely manage your cleaning. Now we’ll give you a few pointers on how to make your guests happy and maximize your profits. Read on to learn more. 

How can I increase my vacation rental?

Many hosts mistakenly blame lackluster profits or negative ratings on the properties themselves. They say things like: “Guests hate my place because it’s small,” or “My house is in a bad location.” Don’t fall into this trap. 

Unless you put false information in your listing (e.g., claiming that your property is located near the Crocker Art Museum, when it’s not), your guests will know exactly what they’re renting and won’t mind such drawbacks if the price is right. As always, the best way to achieve success is to provide a cost-effective service. 

You can improve your vacation rental income by doing the following:

  • Invest. Features such as air conditioning, comfy furniture, TV, Wi-Fi, free parking, etc., aren’t expensive, but they can make your property infinitely more attractive to potential guests. 
  • Charge less. Affordability is a massive advantage for a rental property, especially if it’s located in a popular destination that gets a high tourist turnover. After all, quantity has a quality of its own.
  • Book professional cleanings. A vacation rental must be cleaned to the highest standard, period. Guests can ignore the lack of a TV or washing machine, but nobody wants to shower in a moldy bathroom or to find the previous guest’s hair in the bed. 

What’s better Airbnb or Vrbo?

How can I increase my vacation rentalVrbo and Airbnb are the two leading platforms for finding alternative lodgings. They both connect customers who are searching for short-term rentals with homeowners who wish to lease out their property. 

Vrbo (Vacation Rental By Owner) has been around since 1995, while Airbnb (Air Bed and Breakfast) was founded in 2008. Although both of these sites serve the same purpose (showcasing home listings), each has its own pros and cons that must be carefully considered regardless of whether you’re a guest or a host. 

Airbnb is known for:

  • Having a huge host network that contains more than 4 million listings,
  • Offering creative and unique rental experiences (houses made of Lego bricks, underwater research ships, and more),
  • Renting out spaces of all sizes, from single rooms to giant manors,
  • Extensive customer reviews,
  • Having an “experiences” section that lists things like beach yoga, walking tours, and forest hikes,
  • Enabling you to make restaurant reservations.

Vrbo is known for:

  • Being focused on larger spaces, meaning you can only rent out whole condos, houses, apartments, etc.
  • Having a review section that allows hosts to reply to reviews, which gives readers a chance to learn more about the property in question,
  • Having a superior search system that allows you to serve by location (beachside, ski rental, mountain view, etc.) or property type (yacht, raft house, etc.),
  • Charging lower guest and homeowner fees.  

Where can I book the finest Vrbo cleaning Sacramento can provide?

You’re already at the right place! Maid This is a first-in-class referral agency that specializes in connecting Sacramento homeowners with the premier cleaning professionals in the city. This service is easy to schedule, offers various cleaning options, and comes with a 100% happiness guarantee!

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