How Do You Clean Your Home for a Party?

How to protect carpet during a party

Everybody loves house parties, and for a good reason. We get to have fun with our friends and relatives in a relaxed environment, without having to worry about closing hours, outrageous prices, or unpleasant strangers. 

Unfortunately, house parties require much more preparation than going to a club. And by “preparation” we don’t mean just getting food and drink, but also thoroughly cleaning your place so it’s ready for house guests

In this article, we’ll tell you what to look out for when preparing your home for a party, and explain how a pre-party cleaning is different from a standard home cleaning in downtown LA. Keep reading to learn more. 

How do you keep your house clean at a party?

How do you keep your house clean at a partyUnlike standard or deep cleanings (both of which are designed to keep your entire home tidy) a pre-party cleaning only really focuses on a few specific areas. The goal isn’t so much to keep your place squeaky clean as it is to create a relaxed environment for your guests. 

Also, due to the chaotic nature of parties, there’s a high chance that drinks and snacks will be spilled, items will get broken, and more dirt will be brought into the house than is usual in Los Angeles. A pre-party cleaning gives you an opportunity to minimize these problems by removing or otherwise protecting your belongings. 

Pay extra attention to the following:

  • Decide which areas and bathrooms your guests will have access to, and give them the most extensive cleaning you can,
  • Remove clutter such as discarded clothes, toys, game controllers, etc. Put your jackets into a closet so as to leave more space on the hanger for your guests’ jackets,
  • Thoroughly wash the cutlery and glassware your guests will be using,
  • Throw the windows open and give your place a good airing,
  • If you have pets, take the time to check if any of your guests are allergic to them. Consider confining your furry friends to a different area of your house for the duration of the party,
  • Check if any of your guests suffer from pollen allergies, and take any decorative plants that may aggravate these allergies elsewhere. If you live in or near a green area such as the Echo Park in Los Angeles, make sure to warn the guests who may be allergic to the vegetation there,
  • Your guests will likely be grabbing their drinks directly out of the fridge, so make sure its interior is sparkling clean,
  • Use furniture covers to keep your sofas, chairs, etc. from getting stained. 

How to protect carpet during a party?

Roll it up and put it elsewhere. This may seem a little extreme, but the reality is that people rarely take their shoes off at parties and will likely put all sorts of dirt and grime into your carpets just by walking over them. 

Even if they do take their shoes off, there’s a large possibility someone will spill a drink, drop food, or (if you’re especially unlucky) even vomit on the carpet. Worse, unless it’s affixed to the floor, there’s the danger of the carpet sliding and causing someone to stumble or fall. 

The surest way to avoid all these problems is to simply remove the carpet and put it back during your post-party cleaning. 

Where can I book a quality home cleaning in downtown LA?

How to protect carpet during a partySo what if you lack the time to clean your place yourself? Or what if your other obligations prevent you from really giving the cleaning the care it deserves? In that case, don’t hesitate to reach out to MaidThis.

As the premier referral agency in Los Angeles, we specialize in sending seasoned cleaning professionals directly to your doorstep. Schedule a cleaning today! The expert maids we work with will make your home party-ready in no time! 

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