What a Downloadable Kitchen Cleaning Checklist Can Do for You

You’ll be amazed at the difference a kitchen cleaning list will make. Your food will taste better, your health will improve, and your social life will thrive. Why? Because being organized is energizing! You already know what’s in your kitchen, but using a checklist gives you a framework for taking charge.

Special Kitchen Challenges

Cleaning the kitchen is different from other household tasks for two reasons: grease and pests. Tiny grease droplets fill the air in aerosol form whenever you cook or spray, then drift and settle into every kitchen crevice. Grease is gluey, so dust, spores, airborne germs, and even microdroplets from your breath add to the decaying muck. Insects and rodents move in with their hungry families to enjoy the banquet.

‌Professional Cleaning Tips

The MaidThis cleaning team in Los Angeles comes from experienced local professionals willing to share some of their secrets of success with you. Their advice will give you a great start:

  • You’ll enjoy cleaning more when you’re well-rested.
  • Wear comfortable old clothes. An apron will keep you dry and protected.
  • Play happy music so you feel like moving!
  • Gather your supplies in advance (gloves, microfiber cloths, a long-handled duster, a long-handled scrubber, a small brush, eco-friendly cleaners, and trash bags).
  • Open the windows to create an oxygen-rich fresh air flow.
  • Do a quick walk-through and declutter.
  • Start high and work down whenever you can.
  • Use a face mask to keep dust out of your lungs.

Regular Cleaning Checklist

What do you want to get done the most? You can personalize your downloadable kitchen checklist according to how much time and energy you have. Here’s a run-down of suggestions:


  • clear away cobwebs
  • wipe down splatters on walls and cabinets
  • clean surfaces of small appliances and countertops
  • wash the dishes; sanitize the kitchen table
  • clean the sink and faucets
  • wipe over large appliances
  • disinfect all handles, knobs, and frequently touched surfaces
  • check pest traps
  • shake throw rugs and mats; sweep the floor
  • wash the pet food and water bowls and provide fresh water
  • empty the trash and replace the bag.

Bingo, instant sparkle!

Daily‌ Kitchen Cleaning


  • do all of the tasks listed above but more thoroughly
  • replace dishcloths and towels
  • wash the insides of small appliances like toasters, coffee makers, and microwaves
  • wipe the insides of cabinet doors; degrease the top of the stove hood
  • clean the inside of the refrigerator and discard old food
  • wipe down the dining room chairs
  • sweep and mop the floor.
Weekly‌ Kitchen Cleaning


  • while you wash the curtains, throw rugs, and floor mats, use the long-handled duster on the blinds and then use the long-handled scrubber to wipe down the windows
  • clean inside food storage areas and discard expired foods
  • check supplies to restock as needed; clean inside cabinets and drawers where you keep cookware, dishes, and flatware (you don’t want to accidentally grab a spider while preparing dinner)
  • remove unused items for donation and reorganize‌ what you keep
  • sanitize or replace pest traps as needed
  • scrub floor corners and baseboards.
Monthly‌ Kitchen Cleaning


Clean the air vents and, if you haven’t already, make it a priority to change the HVAC filter — the heating and air conditioning filter needs replacing every 1-3 months depending on its MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating, the climate where you live, and the health of people living in your home. You don’t want dusty, germy air blowing through your kitchen!

  • other quarterly tasks include washing the walls with the long-handled scrubber
  • cleaning the inside of the oven, behind and under the oven, behind and under the fridge
  • cleaning out the freezer
  • thoroughly clearing and sanitizing the sink drain, disposal, and the area under the sink
  • if your kitchen has a laundry space, you can guess what to do

When you do spring cleaning quarterly, you free yourself from dreaded annual cleaning, deep cleaning, and extreme cleaning.

Quarterly‌ Kitchen Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Checklist

How is a quarterly kitchen cleaning list different from a kitchen checklist for deep cleaning? You won’t love the answer: deep cleaning means attacking the deepest, darkest, nastiest, most hidden grime, plus all the quarterly tasks you’ve been putting off!

‌Behind, Under, Inside, and Unthinkably Gross

Deep cleaning involves fewer but more intense jobs:

  • ceiling corners
  • crown molding (like baseboards only along the ceiling instead of the floor)
  • ceiling light fixtures and fans
  • behind wall art and hanging decor
  • windows (frames and tracks, indoors and outdoors)
  • tops of doors and doorframes
  • outside doorway baseboards and floors.

MaidThis Gives You the Relief You Need

How We Can Help You

Our free printable checklist will help you get and stay organized. Managing a home is exhausting, especially when your schedule is overloaded. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but sometimes you need a helping hand.

MaidThis is your helping hand when everything gets out of control. Why fight alone when a trained army is ready to fight for you? The cleaning army at MaidThis is skilled in attacking the most extreme jobs. They get the work done fast and done right. All of our sanitation specialists must pass a detailed five-step screening process before they can work for you. Because they live in your community, they’re aware of LA’s unique cleaning needs such as allergens, smog, pollution, heat, drought, flooding, and the rest. Cleaning kitchen grime will improve your health and wellbeing.

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