Do You Know Your Biggest Challenge As an Airbnb Host?

Hosting Challenges - AirBnB Cleaning Service In Bay AreaHave you already identified what’s keeping you from earning the whole 5 stars? When you know what your stumbling blocks are, you are half way to solving the problem. If you don’t, we have your back. Here are some of the most frequent challenges depending the type of vacation rental you list and ideas how to go about them.

Privacy when you are renting a spare room

If you live in a place that is big enough for you to rent a side room, privacy can be your biggest hurdle. You know that feel when you are in a shop and you sense the haunting look of the overly welcoming shop assistant on your back? You don’t want your guests to feel like that.

Try to draw clear boundaries straight away. Tell the guest what you expect in terms of privacy, but also ask them about their expectations. How much independence would they like? You should get this clear as soon as possible, but maybe not too soon – bear in mind that your guests are exhausted, so give them some time to cool down from the trip.

Cleanliness trap – mi casa es su casa

Everything that your guests have access to has to be spotless clean so you get the 5 stars. You cannot allow yourself to have a stack of dirty dishes in the sink or bread crumbles and juice spills all over the counter and the floor. Your garbage can mustn’t sit half open, choking on pizza boxes and beer bottles. If this is too much of a hassle, and we know it often is – call Maid This! We are a trusted and established referral agency providing premium Airbnb cleaning service in Bay Area, Los Angeles and Orange County.

Providing value while you are away

A significant number of Airbnb hosts are also frequent Airbnb guests. Are you the kind? You know what we mean by providing value while you are gone – you have to ensure your guests have the best possible experience in your home and city, but you have to find someone else to do the nitty gritty. Also, you may be concerned about the safety of your possessions.

A turnover assistant is your answer! You can find an individual or a service, depending on your preferences. Maid This! offers referral turnover Airbnb cleaning service in Bay Area, LA and OC that is much more than elementary cleaning. Our cleaners will make sure your vacation rental is not only squeaky clean, but also stocked with the everyday necessities. They will also inspect the property for any damage, so that nothing escapes your attention.

Regardless of whether you go with an individual or with a service, you will want someone who is professional, detail-oriented, responsive and communicative. Even if you are not away physically, only mentally, a turnover assistant would be a godsend. Hosts with multiple listings have difficulty with making their guests feel as if they are well cared for. This especially goes for communication and check-in stars – you want your guests to know their needs and concerns are important to you.

The warm personal touch

If you are managing multiple vacation rentals, it’s very difficult to be on top of the game at all times and keep things authentic and personal. Even if your rentals are primarily aimed at business people who just need a clean, nice and affordable place to stay, making your rental feel warm could earn you those extra stars. You could tell your guests how you started hosting or some interesting story about the place. You can also make a brief with tips and tricks to make the most out of the stay in the rental and in the city. You can also add some details in a style you like even if the guests will have a quick turnover. It will make your rental more memorable.

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