Local Airbnb Bookings Are Surging for Summer

Local Airbnb bookings are surging for summer from MaidThis.com


Local Airbnb bookings are surging for summer from MaidThis.com

Corona-cabin fever is real and plenty of people are sick and tired of looking at their own walls. While international airplane travel is definitely down and will continue to take a hit this year, local travel is making a comeback.

People with vacation time to kill may not travel across the globe, but they may travel cross-country. Airbnb is reporting a massive boost in same-country bookings compared to this time last year. According to AirDNA, an international Airbnb data analysis company, bookings in the US are continuing to inch upward.

So, what does this new little surge mean for you as an Airbnb host? Get ready now: Depending on where in the country you’re located, it could mean a helpful uptick in your bookings, too.


Folks are itching to get out of their own neighborhoods.

The extended period of local lockdowns has even the most dedicated “home-bodies” scrambling to make plans to get out of the house. Now that restrictions are lifting, we’re likely to see a slight shift in the meaning of the popularized term “staycation.” Folks may stay close to home, but not actually at home and ultimately make plans to get even a few miles down the road.

Now, more than ever, having “fancy” or high-ticket amenities is a sure way to draw in guests. People are building up some courage to leave their homes and stay in an Airbnb, yes. But they’re not as likely to be flocking to neighborhood farmers’ markets, cafes, or events (which have mostly been canceled anyway).

Things like having an above-average outfitted kitchen, a household Netflix or HBO subscription, a killer surround sound system, video gaming systems, or even a stash of “old school” games like “Clue” or “Phase 10” are sure to appeal to guests just looking to find some fresh surroundings.

Be sure to implement a deposit system through Airbnb to protect any big-ticket items you may have or plan to add to your vacation rental.


Not to mention, summer is officially here.

Many people are eager for a change of scene and summer is traditionally the time for vacations and fun. It isn’t just single people looking, either – it’s people with families.

Families are figuring out their own forms of “new normals” and chances are, many summer vacation plans that were in the works are now distant memories. Big crowd-drawers like Disneyland have made changes to how they’ll handle their own guests and will likely see massive dips in their numbers despite enacting social distancing measures.

That said, parents with youngsters who have been out of school for months now are ready for a break – even if that just means doing the same routines in a new setting and foregoing bigger vacation plans. 

Again, guests are looking for different things these days: Proximity to large venues is far less important than it once was and things like parking availability are likely to rank higher on vacation rental wish lists. 


As Americans continue to become more comfortable with the thought of traveling both locally and domestically, it’s becoming clearer that all is not lost for vacation rental hosts. 

So, what does this information combination mean for you as a host?

Here’s our biggest piece of advice for the moment: If you haven’t already, now is a great time to accept instant bookings. Many folks are making decisions at the last minute to leave their homes for a short weekend as lockdown restrictions are lifting. By allowing guests to book instantly, you further increase the possibility of increasing your occupancy rate.


Looking for more ideas to keep your guests safe and ensure them of the steps you’re taking? Be sure to check out our MaidThis Covid -19 Resource Center.


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