How to Keep Your Vacation Rental Spotless: Part II

What to Look for in a Cleaning Company

In business, reputation is everything. Needless to say, the fastest and easier way to get a bad reputation in the field of Airbnb and VRBO rentals is by failing to keep your rental property 100% clean.

Simply put, cutting corners when it comes to vacation rental cleaning in Sacramento invariably nets a large number of negative reviews. This discourages potential visitors and ensures none of your previous guests are ever going to come back.

But wait, how is vacation rental cleaning different from standard cleaning? In the following article, we’ll answer this question and give you some useful vacation rental cleaning tips that will help you get the most out of your rental business.

How do I remotely manage my rental property cleanings?

First, it’s crucial that you pick a reputable cleaning company that you can trust to always give your VRBO or Airbnb rental property a high-end cleaning. Second, you should take the time to ensure that their idea of what constitutes “100% clean” matches with yours. Write an extensive cleaning checklist and arrange for additional communication with your cleaner.

Do the following:

  • Contact the cleaner a couple days earlier to make sure they’re on schedule and that they know how to enter the property.
  • Text or call the cleaner to remind them about any special cleaning tasks you expect them to do,
  • Afterwards, get in touch with them again and double-check if everything was done properly. Use this opportunity to ask if the cleaner has discovered any damages or missing items left by the previous guest.
  • Your cleaners should snap a photo of each room after the cleaning is done and send them to you. This is a simple and reliable way to make sure everything is as it should be before the next guest shows up.
  • If your cleaners find any damages, they should photograph them and send the photos to you immediately. Damage claims need to be submitted shortly after a guest leaves, and these photos will serve as evidence.
  • If you asked your cleaners to perform any special tasks (stocking booze or water bottles in the fridge, emptying the garbage bins, refilling the coffee tray, and so on), tell them to photograph those as well. This will keep your cleaners from forgetting anything and ensure everything is done as you requested.
  • Contact your guests after they’ve checked into your vacation rental. Ask them if they’re happy with the condition the property is in. Not only will this make you more sympathetic to your guests (and therefore decrease the chances of a negative review), it’ll also alert you to any cleaning problems that need to be addressed.

Should my guests clean my vacation rental?

Never ask your guests to clean your rental. Seriously, nothing good can come out of this. At best, they will take a few minutes to tidy up before they check out, which won’t amount to much and you’ll still have to hire a professional service.

Worst case scenario, this will drive away potential guests. Even if they do rent your property, they’ll probably give it a shoddy cleaning and rate it poorly online.

Where can I book the finest vacation rental cleaning in Sacramento?

Are you the owner of a gorgeous rental apartment with a view of the Tower Bridge? Are you a VRMA-certified rental property manager looking to increase the value of your vacation rentals?

If so, give Maid This a call. As the premier referral agency in Sacramento, we can connect you with top-notch cleaning pros who can give your vacation rental property the superb cleaning it deserves. Get in touch with us today!

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