How To Master Do-It-Yourself Professional Housekeeping Skills

Master DIY cleaning services Long BeachOur household is a reflection of who we are. An impeccably clean household is not unattainable, although some help is always appreciated. Like cleaning services Long Beach will tell you – a no mess home requires a no-nonsense approach!

Meticulously organized cleaning supplies and a realistic routine are the fundamental elements of professional cleaning, but housekeeping is an even more extensive group of tasks. It requires good organization skills to begin with. Along with being aware that a thoroughly clean home is a day-to-day challenge, you’ll need all the patience you can muster in order to get it right. Cleaning services Long Beach share with you the tricks of the trade.

Where to start?

Successful housekeeping boils down to efficient multi-tasking while avoiding distractions. First thing’s first – you’ll need to get rid of the clutter that serves no purpose except getting in the way. This might sound tedious and it is the hardest part, but is is absolutely necessary for a job well-done.

You’ll get the best results from sticking to a schedule and doing the cleaning step by step. A random approach will only make things harder, leaving you exhausted and rendering all your hard work practically pointless. By focusing on a single area of a room before moving on to the next one, you’ll know you’ve left no stone unturned in making sure that everything is perfectly clean and tidy.

All-purpose is all you need

Since the days of yore, cleaning products advertisements have stuck to their full-proof rip-off scheme: they get you to buy more stuff than you actually need. They pull it off because they do an amazing job convncing us that each particular surface requires a cleaner with an equally particular label. The truth is much different. Simply declutter and stock up on the essential all-purpose cleaners and multi-purpose cleaning tools. Also remember to keep all the supplies in one place.

Another common delusion is that professional housekeeping involves only products that are strictly meant for cleaning. Think outside the box instead. You can, for instance, use an old toothbrush for more detailed cleaning, a ruined cotton T-shirt for scrubbing and balled-up newspapers for cleaning glass surfaces. You can also rely on typical household products like vinegar, baking soda and lemon (or vodka and mayonnaise) to get top-notch cleaning results without spending top dollar.

Careful inspection

Just when you think you’re done, take a closer look. There are bound to be nooks and crannies you have overlooked. After all that hard work, it would be a shame to notice dust in a neglected corner in the middle of a dinner party, as you might not be the only one who does.

Cleaning services Long Beach cut your household chores in half

We are just like you, so we value your time and money. We take great pride in the fact that, in terms of quality standards, customer satisfaction and fair pricing, cleaning services Long Beach set the bar high. Nothing thrills us more than knowing that MaidThis! has lived up to your expectations. Give us a call and we’ll do our best to make your household a happier one!

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