Spring Clean Your Airbnb Listings to Maximize Visibility on Airbnb Search

Mazimize visibility on Airbnb search

Spring is here which means it’s a great excuse to tell your kids to clean up their rooms. For the same reason, it’s a great time for you to do a spring cleaning for your Airbnb listings to maximize visibility on AirBnB search.

Do you think you can just set up an Airbnb listing and be done with it? That would be utterly wrong.

As you will see later, I’ll show you why your Airbnb account needs a regular housekeeping including proper spring cleaning and how to do it. Without further ado let’s get right into it.

Dust off that months-old Airbnb Listing Title

Although photo qualities and price contribute to the number of bookings you get, Airbnb listing title also plays a major role.

In the past, I’ve written in details on how to craft a booking-drive Airbnb title. The SparkNotes version on writing a magnetic Airbnb titles comes down to this:

  • Gather a list of keywords and words that your previous guests have used in your reviews. Don’t know where to start? Here’s a starter’s list for you to download.
  • Pick the most frequently-used keywords and generate your Airbnb title around them.
  • Take notes on major events that are coming up near your Airbnb and change your Airbnb title accordingly. For example, I know AWS Global Summit (one of the biggest tech event) is coming and it’s happening near my Airbnb. I would incorporate AWS somewhere into my Title.

Spot clean that Airbnb Description

On the top level, browsers see the price, the number of reviews and the title in search. But what if someone decided to click on your listing? Is your Airbnb description sales-driven ready?

Maximize visibility on Airbnb search
About this listing is the first chunk of text that people are going to read.

Your Airbnb description or as I’d like to call it, the sales copy, should be so shiny that window shoppers will turn into real guests. If you know what your audiences are, craft your Airbnb description around your audiences.

For example, I’ve been getting guests that are families of four with small children. In my description I would mention that I have a baby car seat and a baby crib so a family looking to travel can bring one less bulky item on the trip.

If you’re brand new to the Airbnb game, I would look at the kind of questions people have asked you about your Airbnb. Questions such as how far is point A to your place or do you have a dry cleaner nearby can give you a sense of who your audiences are.

Be on top of the Airbnb latest updates

Airbnb is constantly refining the host and guest experience by improving their match system. I know that they are upping their game in search because when I log onto my dashboard, I can see updates and features that were launched.

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