Ultimate Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

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Your Bathroom Cleaning Guide

An argument could be made that residential bathrooms are the most difficult rooms to clean. There is often not a lot of space in which to move and there’s lots of scrubbing that needs to be done on bathroom fixtures. That’s why it would be a good idea for you to maintain a regular bathroom cleaning schedule and create a proper bathroom cleaning checklist. Such a list will help you stay organized while making sure important tasks don’t get missed.

To aid you, you should get your hands on printable bathroom cleaning checklists.

Getting Started With the Right Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

Before the scrubbing starts, you have to properly equip yourself for the battle that is about to ensue. Equipping yourself requires that you secure the right bathroom cleaning essentials, which should include the right tools and cleaning chemicals. Here is a bathroom cleaning essentials checklist to help make sure you are properly armed for battle:

  • Toilet scrub brush
  • Squeegee for glass enclosure
  • Sponges and microfiber cloths
  • Broom, mop and dustpan or vacuum
  • Step-stool to reach high places
  • Rubber gloves
  • Toilet bowl cleaner
  • All-purpose bathroom cleaner with soap spot remover
  • Glass and mirror cleaner
  • Distilled vinegar and baking soda for tile and grout
  • Trash bags

Your Daily Bathroom Cleaning

If you are willing to do some basic bathroom chores each day, it will make your weekly and deep cleanings a lot easier to manage. With that in mind, here’s a daily bathroom cleaning checklist that we highly recommend:

  • Wipe down plumbing fixtures after use
  • Dry shower enclosure after showing
  • Wipe soap spots of mirror
  • Hang damp towels to dry

Your Weekly Bathroom Cleaning

Every week, you should be doing your weekly standard housekeeping, including bathrooms. It’s the same kind of home cleaning you would want to do if you were responsible for cleaning your Airbnb bathroom during your rental cleanings. Here’s a very nice weekly bathroom cleaning list you can follow:

  • Put out new towels and bathmats
  • Scrub and disinfect the toilet bowl and seat
  • Scrub and disinfect the sink, shower, and tub
  • Clean mirrors and shower enclosure glass
  • Wipe counters and cabinets
  • Wipe bathroom hardware and polish metals
  • Sweep and mop floor
  • Empty wastebaskets

Your Monthly Bathroom Cleaning

As part of your bathroom cleaning schedule routine, you should allow at least one day a month for a bathroom deep cleaning. It’s necessary because soap scum and bacteria accumulate in hard-to-reach places that tend to get missed during weekly cleanings. Here’s a checklist you can use for bathroom deep cleanings:

  • Standard cleaning chores, plus..
  • Clean bathroom walls and light fixtures
  • Clean doorjamb, ventilation fan cover, and baseboards
  • Clean the toilet base and inside the toilet tank
  • Clean out and organize cabinets and drawers
  • Wash out the wastebasket

Your Seasonal Bathroom Cleaning

What we call seasonal cleaning is what you probably call “spring” cleaning. If you want your bathroom to sparkle and smell great, you should schedule a good spring cleaning at least once a year. Here are a few chores you can include with your seasonal cleanings:

  • Clear sink and tub/shower drains
  • Clean bathroom tiles – counter, backsplash, walls
  • Clean tile grout – use vinegar/baking soda paste

Pro Tips & Tricks For Cleaning Your Bathroom

The checklists listed above should help you be effective and efficient when cleaning your bathroom(s). However, the pros have a few tips they can offer that could help you take your cleaning of bathrooms to the next level. Check out these pro cleaning tips:

  • Change hand towels and washcloths frequently because of high use
  • Know your cleaning products – check for safeness
  • Citrus fruits make great glass/mirror cleaners
  • Don’t forget to clean the bottom of the shower curtain to avoid molding
  • Clean from top to bottom and back to exit door
  • Use baking soda to unclog drains

Benefits of Choosing Professional Maids Service

It could be that you would rather avoid cleaning responsibilities related to bathrooms. If so, you would be in the majority. The good news is a professional maid service like MaidThis Miami would be more than happy to step in and help you. If you hire us to clean your bathrooms, you will reap these benefits:

  • Fast and prompt service
  • Affordable pricing
  • Guarantee the work gets done properly
  • Easy booking process
  • Full transparency from maids

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean a bathroom professionally?

It would be a good idea to maintain a consistent bathroom cleaning schedule and checklist. With the checklist in hand, follow each of the steps as closely as possible. We also recommend using commercial-grade supplies whenever possible.

What is the best process to clean a bathroom?

You should always start by cleaning the highest points, moving dirt and grime towards the floor. It would also be preferable to clean the back of the bathroom first, moving the cleaning process towards the door.

How to deep clean a bathroom?

Deep cleaning is a process by which you will be seeking to clean those hard-to-reach places that tend to get missed during regular weekly cleanings. You’ll be targeting inside and underneath plumbing fixtures, counters, cabinets, and drawers. If you are unsure on how to do it, simply contact us for professional bathroom deep cleaning services.

Should I clean my bathroom every day?

It is probably not necessary to do a full cleaning every day. However, we would recommend that you go through and handle some daily cleaning chores before bedtime. If you were to go through and take a few minutes to wipe things down, it would make your weekly and monthly bathroom cleanings a little easier to manage. In the end you can always leave your cleaning chores to cleaning professionals while you go to visit one of Miami’s attractions.

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