How Much Does a Deep Cleaning Cost in Miami, Florida?

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How much does a deep cleaning cost is an important question both for homeowners and vacation rental managers. Find crucial information about it in our blog.

Benefits of Deep Cleaning in Miami Florida

While it’s proper to consider how much does a deep cleaning cost, you don’t want to forget the benefits that come with the process. Besides taking great pride in having a truly clean home, living in a healthy environment should top the list of benefits. By enduring the cost of deep cleaning, you’ll create a healthy environment that is free from the bacteria that can cause health issues. Another benefit would be living in an organized home where it’s easier to find things and move about.

Factors in Calculating Deep Cleaning House Cost

Any attempt to determine how much does a deep cleaning costs will have to include looking at the factors that will ultimately determine the final quote. If we are giving a quote for a deep cleaning house cost or deep cleaning Airbnb cost (Vrbo cleaning fee), we would consider the following factors.

Size of the room or home

All property cleaning services will start with the size of the room or facility as the top pricing factor. If we are establishing a price for a room, we would look at the size of the room in terms of square footage. If we are looking at pricing for complete home or rental property cleaning services, size would focus on either square footage or the number of rooms.

Scope of the Job

The scope of the job refers to the depth of deep cleaning that a customer might request. We would quote one price for light deep cleaning and a higher price if the customer wanted us to tackle every bit of dirt, grease, and grime that exists in the home.

Types of cleaning products needed

Depending on the kind of deep cleaning that’s requested, there is a chance special tools and cleaning chemicals will be needed. If we feel it’s necessary to use cleaning chemicals that cut through everything, we might charge an additional cost to cover such chemicals.

Number of cleaners assigned

Depending on the size of the job and customer urgency, we might have to enlist the services of more than one cleaner. If we feel doing that is appropriate, we’ll adjust our quote to reflect the addition of an extra cleaner or two, considering one cleaner would be included in a baseline cost.

Special requests

The cleaning needs in communities like Miami might differ from other areas. It’s for that and other reasons that we reserve the right to offer special cleaning services at an additional cost. Special deep cleaning requests might include things like attic and garage cleaning, or a decluttering project.

Deep Cleaning Cost by Room Type

Each room in your home is unique and vacation rentals require special attention to be properly prepared for your guests. This uniqueness requires a specialized approach to deep cleaning each room. Keeping in mind that the national average for home or Airbnb cleanings is $200 to $400 (size matters), it is possible to state a national average by room, which we’ll do below.


Kitchen deep cleaning runs $70-$130. This would include chores like

  • Scrubbing appliances (inside/outside, underneath)
  • Cleaning out sink and dishwasher drains
  • Cleaning out and organizing cabinets and cupboards
  • Cleaning over air vent and light fixtures


Bathroom deep cleaning runs $75-$150 per bathroom. This would include chores like

  • Scrubbing glass shower enclosures
  • Full toilet cleaning – includes tank and base
  • Clean wall, baseboards, vents, and ceiling/light fixture
  • Cleaning shower curtain and mats
  • Cleaning out and organizing cabinets and drawers


Bedroom deep cleaning runs $35-$60. This would include chores like

  • Changing linens
  • Washing windows and window covering
  • Decluttering the room and under the bed
  • Clean walls, baseboards, and wall hanging
  • Shampooing carpets and furniture cushions

Living Room & Dining room

Living room deep cleaning runs $50-$100.

  • Washing windows and window covering
  • Cleaning the China cabinet
  • Decluttering room and organizing tabletops and shelves
  • Shampooing carpets and furniture cushions

How to Save Money on Deep Cleaning

At this point, it should be clear that intermittent deep cleaning is necessary and does come with an added cost. However, there are a couple of things you can do to save money on deep cleanings. You can start by doing a little cleaning of hidden surfaces while you are tackling your standard housekeeping chores. Another thing you can do is clean with commercial-grade chemicals that cut through the worst kinds of grease and grime.

DIY or Call a Professional Cleaning Company?

There is nothing wrong with you deep cleaning your home. However, you need to accept it’s going to require a lot more time and effort and the results might not meet your expectations. If you want it done right, it might be worth the additional cost to delegate your deep cleaning to a top Miami cleaning company like MaidThis. All we need is one call and we are ready to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does deep cleaning mean?

When you do your weekly cleanings, you most likely focus on the basic house cleaning chores that focus on exposed surfaces. Deep cleaning focuses on getting at the dirt, grease, and grime that hides under and between exposed surfaces. This kind of cleaning can also be what your vacation rental needs as Vrbo cleaning can be challenging and maybe for the best to leave to professional Vrbo cleaners. 

How much should a deep cleaning be?

Internet quotes are not advisable without knowing certain details. We would want to certain home details like the size of the home by square footage or the number of rooms, the amount of cleaning obstacles (furniture & appliances), and the types of deep cleaning chores that would need to be included. BTW: The national average for a standard home deep cleaning is $200 to $400.

What is typically included in a deep clean?

Starting with standard cleaning chores, a deep clean would include chores such as:

  • Scrubbing appliance interiors
  • Cleaning out and organizing cabinets, cupboards, and drawers
  • Cleaning our drains
  • Decluttering rooms
  • Washing windows and window coverings
  • Washing carpets, rugs, and furniture cushions

If you are interested to know about MaidThis Miami deep cleaning services simply contact us.

How to do a deep clean?

It’s going to require the use of commercial-grade cleaning chemicals and the application of extra elbow grease. We would suggest attacking your house or rental deep cleaning by going room-to-room, looking for the hidden dirt, grease, and grime that typically gets missed during standard house cleanings.

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