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Laundry Room Cleaning Services

Our washroom services include dusting and cleaning, mopping and vacuuming floors, sanitizing and disinfecting sinks, and wiping down washers and dryers.

Our Cleaning Company Recommends: Weekly Cleanings, Bi-Weekly Cleanings, Monthly Cleanings, and Deep Cleanings. We also offer customized plans to fit your busy schedule and needs.

Sparkling Washroom Cleaning Services

Sometimes work, family, or other priorities prevent you from keeping your house clean even when you clean laundry. This is why you should hire our maid service for help. Our cleaning company cleans every room of the house, even the washroom, which is one of the most overlooked rooms.

Doing laundry shouldn’t take up all of your time. We offer laundry room organization, so you know where everything is. With MaidThis Miami, we dust, clean, and get rid of dirt and buildup. Our laundry room cleaning in Miami also includes:

  • Wipe your countertops and cabinets from the inside out
  • Sweep or vacuum floors, depending if they’re laminate, tile, vinyl, or wood
  • Empty and clean the wastebasket that has leftover dryer sheets, dryer lint, and other trash

Long List of Satisfied Clients

Joe Gardner
Joe Gardner
I had a very good experience for the roughly 5 times I used this service. The one time that the cleaner didn’t do a great job, their team was very responsive and accommodating to help resolve the issue. So all around 5 stars :)
Emily Von Urff
Emily Von Urff
Amazing amazing service! Attentive to detail and incredibly kind. Happy to have found you guys!
Angela Dunsford
Angela Dunsford
Kassi Nopratvarakorn
Kassi Nopratvarakorn
Kemo was friendly and efficient. I needed a same day clean and very much appreciated his services.
allison ting
allison ting
Isa Davis
Isa Davis
did a 1 time deep clean and they did such a great job in 4 hours - very affordable! easy to schedule, easy to coordinate, no issues at all. highly recommend!
Ali Markulis
Ali Markulis
Mayra was amazing! She really went over and above. I really appreciated her organizing the small details so I could feel fresh and clean for the week! 10/10 great service
AJ Radford
AJ Radford
Had a great experience. Cleaner was thorough and left my place sparkling!
Laundry room cleaning service in Miami

Secure Your Clean Laundry Experience

Our Miami laundry room organization service has a talent pool of professionals who boast years of experience. We only work with an elite 2% of cleaners and maids. Our team understands Miami homeowners and their needs. Some of these houses have designated rooms, such as the washroom. Our Miami laundry room cleaning maids make sure this area is always clean and organized.

For that reason, we offer house cleaning and room cleaning services. We can help you clean a specific room or your entire house. Our Miami laundry room cleaning company will come up with a customized plan. Our cleaners use that plan to provide a high level of service.

Make your laundry room sparkle again. Schedule a call with MaidThis for room cleaning and house cleaning services today.

MaidThis Cleaning Miami trust badge

Get Time Back On Your Side

The laundrette is the place where you spend most of your time. It’s no surprise if it looks like a filthy disaster. This space often has clothes and cleaning products all over the place. It can make for a disorganized mess. MaidThis doesn’t overlook the laundry room.

You can enjoy your free time while our maid service handles the rest. We know that not everyone in Florida has time to clean their home. Your time is precious. Let us take care of your home, so you can do what you love. Our cleaners will dust, mop, vacuum, and more.

Call us for an expert laundry room organization.

Now we can get this party started!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean a laundry room?

The first order of business is to take out the trash and declutter the laundry room. You should wipe down the washer and dryer. Sanitize and disinfect any other appliances in the room. Next, wipe down the countertops and cabinets. Don’t forget to restock your laundry supplies and dust those bunnies.

How to deep clean a laundry room?

The first step is to dust the room from top to bottom. Don’t miss the corners, baseboards, and windowsills. Net, clean your washer and dryer from the inside out with warm water, mild soap, and a cleaning cloth. Then wipe down your cabinets, countertops, and sinks from the inside out as well.

How to clean the floor drain in the laundry room?

A plunger is a must for cleaning a floor drain. Every Florida homeowner has one on hand. Apply petroleum jelly to the base of the plunger before forcefully placing it over the drain. Pour hot water into the drain to see if it works. You can also use vinegar and soda.

Best laundry room cleaning products?

These are the must-have products for any boiler room. You should have your room stocked with laundry detergent and softener. Other items include oxygen bleach, baking soda, disinfectant, and distilled white vinegar. Each of these products is gentle enough to remove tough stains and odors from different types of clothing.