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Our Deep Cleaning Services

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  • Transparent pricing with no sticker shock
  • Book and cancel appointments on your terms
  • We only work with the top 2% of elite cleaners in your area
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  • Automated scheduling brings less stress to your life
  • Have more control with accurate reports
  • Our No-Show Guarantee Comes With 100% Satisfaction
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Get Smooth Apartment Cleaning Services

Get apartment cleaning services in Minneapolis in a snap. Each appointment comes with a no-show guarantee. We want to eliminate all the stress and hassle that comes with booking a housekeeping service.

Our maids show up on time – every time. They don’t waste time either. They’ll quickly sweep throughout your home.

Appointments At Your Fingertips

There are no hassles when it comes to booking appointments. Our online booking form is easy to use. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to book appointments with MaidThis.

Prompt & Professional Maid Service

Our apartment maids are known for their precision and promptness. You won’t know that they were ever in your house. The only difference you’ll notice is how fresh and clean your home feels.

Get Back To You

With our apartment cleaning services in Minneapolis, you don’t have to add another chore to your list. Our cleaners arrive in a snap. This gives you free time to focus on more important matters.

Our 5-Step-Cleaner Screening Process

The Mission: To search everywhere to find you the best cleaners in the market!

Only 2% of all the applicants pass our entire screening process successfully, and that’s whom we work with exclusively.


It Starts with an Application

Aspiring housekeepers fill out our easy-to-use online application. This is the first step in the rigorous online screening registration. They will move on to the next phase if they pass.


We Start a Conversation on the Phone

The next step is the phone interview. If we want to work with you, we’ll give you a call. This is not an interrogation, trust us.


Zoom Meeting

If you passed the phone interview, congratulations! We want to see you. We’ll meet via video call to learn more about you.


Team Orientation

The next phase is the orientation. We’ll meet with you so you learn more about our company. This ensures that we’re a great fit.


Background Check

The last and most important phase is the background check. We want to make sure that the housekeeping services in St. Paul are squeaky clean.

Long List of Satisfied Clients

Jonathan Boyce
Jonathan Boyce
home cleaning done right
bonnie shrader
bonnie shrader
they did a good job.
jonathan montenegro
jonathan montenegro
did an amazing job cleaning my home.
Michael Luna
Michael Luna
Great service
Shailey Shah
Shailey Shah
This is the easiest service to book and they tell you exactly what you are getting in your cleaning. It's great that you can include add ons online if you need anything extra done. Whenever I have called, there is always someone available over the phone to help me; and when they are busy someone always promptly calls me back.
Robin Brinson
Robin Brinson
Teresa deep cleaned my house today. I can says, without hesitation, she did a really outstanding job. The entire process with them from beginning to end is such a pleasure. She did an incredible job and had every detail sparkling clean. I will definitely use them again and highly recommend them for your job.
Catherine Cameron
Catherine Cameron
Awesome! Today's cleaning by Teresa was super efficient and I'm still basking in how clean our house is - I don't think it's ever looked and felt this good. So grateful for the fantastic service. The customer service is great too and the service is very easy to set up and use.

Why Choose MaidThis Cleaning Service

Booking an appointment for Minneapolis housekeeping services with MaidThis is an easy process. You can use our easy-to-use online booking system. Or, you can call us if you don’t feel comfortable.

We vet each of our housekeepers. Your safety is our utmost priority. We only work with an elite team.

Our cleaning process is nothing to sneeze at. We make sure to provide a high-quality and hassle-free process for our customers.

Pick a time and place that works best for you and your family. Once the appointment is booked, our Minneapolis deep cleaning services will arrive on time.

We always choose a maid or housekeeping staff that focuses on your needs. This helps us match someone with the strengths you’re looking for.

Our housekeeping services in St. Paul offer a high level of residential cleaning services. Your home or vacation rental will feel fresh and clean the moment you enter the door.




Hours Saved



We’re Not Happy Unless You’re Happy

Your satisfaction is our biggest priority. We make sure that you’re satisfied with the level of service that you receive. That means we won’t charge you until the service is done. We double-check with you to make sure that you’re pleased.

Our maids don’t wet wipe lamps and light fixtures for safety reasons.

Our maids won’t move furniture for safety and damage reasons.

Our maids won’t clean your walls to prevent any damage.

This is a service I need.
How do I book a housekeeping service?

Now this is when the fun starts.
Book your preferred housekeeping in Minneapolis St. Paul, contact us, or fill out the online booking form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean a dirty apartment?

You can clean a dirty apartment in less than an hour. Remove any decluttering and take out any trash. Pick up your clothes and belongings off the floor.

How do I clean my apartment like a professional?

Start from the top of your apartment and work your way down. This entails dusting and removing cobwebs. Clean out the cupboards, countertops, and closets. Scrub daddies and mops are best for cleaning surfaces. Make sure of a cordless stick vacuum or Roomba for cleaning your hard surface floors and closets.

What can a cleaner do in 3 hours?

Apartment cleaning services in St. Paul can do a deep cleaning or cleaning service for apartment move out within that timeframe. The tasks include dusting and vacuuming the baseboards, cleaning the bathrooms and kitchens, mopping the floors, and wiping the sink and countertops. You could even wash your clothes and dishes during this time.

How long does it take to deep clean an apartment?

It typically takes over two and a half hours to clean a one-bedroom apartment that’s 450 square feet. However, it could take longer if you do it by yourself. It would take less time if you hire professional apartment cleaners. Our expert apartment maids clean every part of your space.