Professional Deep Cleaning Services For the Minneapolis Area

Professional Deep Cleaning Services For the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

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Our Deep Cleaning Services

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  • Clear pricing that comes with no sticker shock
  • Cancel appointments whenever you want
  • We work with the top 2% in the area
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  • Automated scheduling — set it and forget it
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Importance of Professional Deep Cleaning Services

Deep cleaning isn’t just another necessary task that needs to be done. It’s essential for the health and wellness of you and your family. MaidThis recommends regular deep cleaning services that target allergens, dust mites, dander, pollen, mold, and mildew. This improves the air quality and creates a healthier living space.

Book Your Appointments Quickly & Effortly

You can book appointments in a snap. Our intuitive online booking form makes it easier than ever before. You can even call us if you don’t feel comfortable with technology.

Our Speedy Maids Pay Attention

Our maid service is known for their precision and speed. That means nothing gets overlooked during the cleaning service. They move quickly through your home and ensure nothing gets overlooked.

Enjoy Your Newfound Freedom

Get your time back with our house deep cleaning service. You can focus on more important priorities, such as more time with your family and more time for your career goals.

Our 5-Step-Cleaner Screening Process

The Mission: To search everywhere to find you the best cleaners in the market!

Only 2% of all the applicants pass our entire screening process successfully, and that’s whom we work with exclusively.


It Starts with an Application

The aspiring house cleaner fills out a complete online application. This is the first step in the rigorous five-step process. If they pass this process, they’ll move on to the next stage.


We Start a Conversation on the Phone

MaidThis will call you for a deeper conversation. You don’t want to keep your phone on silent. If you want the job, look for a possible phone interview.


Zoom Meeting

After the phone interview, you’ll be invited to a Zoom meeting. We’ll meet you virtually to see if you’re the perfect fit for our team.


Team Orientation

If the aspiring house cleaner passes these rounds, they’ll move to the orientation phase. This is where you’ll meet us IRL. We want to see if you fit in with the culture.


Background Check

This is the most important part of the five-step process. The last part of the phase is to background check candidates to establish trust and safety with our clients.

Long List of Satisfied Clients

Jonathan Boyce
Jonathan Boyce
home cleaning done right
bonnie shrader
bonnie shrader
they did a good job.
jonathan montenegro
jonathan montenegro
did an amazing job cleaning my home.
Michael Luna
Michael Luna
Great service
Shailey Shah
Shailey Shah
This is the easiest service to book and they tell you exactly what you are getting in your cleaning. It's great that you can include add ons online if you need anything extra done. Whenever I have called, there is always someone available over the phone to help me; and when they are busy someone always promptly calls me back.
Robin Brinson
Robin Brinson
Teresa deep cleaned my house today. I can says, without hesitation, she did a really outstanding job. The entire process with them from beginning to end is such a pleasure. She did an incredible job and had every detail sparkling clean. I will definitely use them again and highly recommend them for your job.
Catherine Cameron
Catherine Cameron
Awesome! Today's cleaning by Teresa was super efficient and I'm still basking in how clean our house is - I don't think it's ever looked and felt this good. So grateful for the fantastic service. The customer service is great too and the service is very easy to set up and use.

Why Choose MaidThis Cleaning Service

MaidThis Minneapolis is the leader in providing a home deep cleaning service. Our customized cleaning plans and flexible schedules fit busy lifestyles. When your life gets crazy, you need the reassurance that the housework won’t get pushed to the wayside. We can help you create a customized schedule that works for you.

Choose the time that works best for you and your family. Once the appointment is set, our maid service will show up on time. Our services come with a No-Show Guarantee, which offers greater peace of mind.

We choose the right maid or cleaning staff who can cater to your needs. We match you with the best every time. This allows you to find the strengths of those who can offer a high level deep cleaning house.

MaidThis promises to deliver an elite level of services. Our goal is for you to always feel comfortable and clean every time you’re staying at home or in your vacation rental. We also want to make your guests feel comfortable as well. Our services ensure there are no issues after.




Hours Saved



We’re Not Happy Unless You’re Happy

We’re obsessed with our clients. Your satisfaction means the world to us. At MaidThis we want to make sure that you’re completely happy with the service you received. That means that you will get charged once the cleaning service is done and we receive your feedback. This assures us there aren’t any issues. We believe that the time and energy saved by choosing our services can contribute to more free time and better health for you.

Our maid avoids wet wiping lamps and light fixtures to prevent damage.

Our maids will not move furniture to prevent damage.

Our maids will not clean the walls to prevent damage.

Sounds great! How do I book a home deep cleaning service?

Now this is where the fun starts!
Book your preferred cleaning service in Minneapolis by calling us or filling out the booking form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning pays attention to the nooks and crannies that accumulate bacteria, dirt, grime, and other debris. The following are included in this service: kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. Some cleaning services may include additional tasks, but only if you ask. Keep in mind that you’ll pay an additional fee.

How long does deep cleaning take?

The time involved in a deep cleaning depends on the size and layout of your home. A deep cleaning might in an apartment may require less time than a house. It can take anywhere from just a few hours to an entire day or more for larger homes or mansions.

What is the difference between a general clean and a deep clean?

The difference between a general clean and a deep clean is the attention to detail that’s given during the service. Regular cleaning is about maintaining cleanliness and upkeep. However, deep cleaning requires more intensive work and purging. Because of this, deep cleaning costs more than your regular weekly cleaning service.

What are the types of house deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning differs from standard cleaning because it offers an in-depth clean. It removes the presence of bacteria, mildew, and dirt from areas you never knew existed in your home. The different types of house deep cleaning include the bedroom, bathroom, dining room, kitchen, and living and family areas.