Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks for Busy People (Business Owners, Entrepreneuers or Any Others)

Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks for Busy People (Business Owners, Entrepreneuers or Any Others)

Having a realistic cleaning schedule that you can use in your home will help you keep the place comfortable for your family without wasting a lot of time. A clean home can help you feel happier, and having a quick process for cleaning the place can help you experience less stress. Instead of trying to figure out when you will be able to set aside a full day for cleaning, you can find a cleaning routine that you can get through quickly and that will help you to always keep your Minneapolis home clean.

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Understanding Your Cleaning Needs

Your cleaning needs are unique to you. If you have young children, the area around your table might be the dirtiest part of your home. This will require regular attention so that crumbs are not dragged from that part of the home to other areas. If you have allergies, focusing on taking care of all of the dust in your home might be a priority for you. As you develop an appropriate cleaning schedule for working moms and other busy home owners, it is important to customize that schedule to your home and family. Don’t feel like you have to put things on the list that are irrelevant to your needs, and remember to include all of the things that must be done to help your family stay both comfortable and safe in your home.

Creating a Realistic Cleaning Schedule

If you create a cleaning list that includes too many tasks on it, you are going to quickly abandon that list. Instead, you need to create a realistic schedule that includes only jobs that you are capable of completing and that will make a difference in your home.

Weekly Vs. Daily Tasks

Some would rather set aside a little time each day to take on a daily cleaning schedule and do a quick cleaning of their home. Some would prefer to use free time on the weekend to do a deep cleaning and relax during the week. There are benefits to both cleaning on a weekly and a daily basis and you have to figure out which one works for you. If you have pets or young children who are dirtying your floors and leaving sticky marks on your cabinets, you may want to deal with things right away and use a daily schedule.

Room-by-Room Approach Vs. Chore-Based Approach

You might find it easiest to pick up the glass cleaner and a soft cloth and go throughout your entire home, cleaning all windows and mirrors before moving on to the next task. Or, you might find it better to go through one room at a time and handle all cleaning there. Whether you do a room-by-room method or a chore-based one is up to you and the way that you feel you will be more efficient. Either one can have its benefits when cleaning house and you should try both to see which one suits you best.

Sample Schedules:  what it looks like

Sample Schedules | What It Looks Like

A chore-based schedule will list each of the types of cleaning work that needs to get done in the home. You will then go through the place, taking care of each task in each room. It will look something like this:

  • Wash counters
  • Disinfect sinks
  • Dust all surfaces
  • Clean floors
  • Wash mirrors
  • Make beds

A daily cleaning schedule may help you work through all that you need to get done on a room by room basis, instead. It might list the cleaning work in sections, letting you know what needs to be done in the kitchen, then the bathroom, then the bedroom.

An example of what the bedroom list would include:

  • Wash bedding and fluff pillows
  • Dust bedside table and dresser
  • Clean windows

Tools and Products for Efficient Cleaning

In addition to having a realistic cleaning schedule to use, you need to have the right tools and products around if you are going to simplify the work of keeping a clean home. A good broom is essential, as is a vacuum that has the power to suck up pet hair and other hard to clean up materials. A handheld carpet cleaner can be useful for small stains on the floor, cleaning your stairs, and dealing with issues on soft surfaces such as your sofa.

When choosing sprays and other cleaning products for your Minneapolis home, look for those that have scents that you like so that you will enjoy cleaning with them. Consider purchasing pre-moistened and disposable wipes that you can use to quickly clean up messes and then toss without having to wash them or worry about caring for them.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

While using a schedule might help make cleaning work easier for you, it is still work and something that takes up time and tires you out. It might be simpler for you to let maids handle that while you focus on your family, your hobbies, and your career. We have a team that is ready to rescue you when you decide that cleaning your own home is too much for you to handle.

Our team has experience working in houses like yours and our own list of tasks that we will get done. We focus on making sure that we are doing things right and that you will notice a difference after we leave your home. Our many previous clients have reviewed us well and recommended our services to others. We have the tools needed to properly handle cleaning work and we know what needs to be done to make a home glisten and smell fresh and new. Contact us today if you would like to learn about the jobs that we’ll tackle and why it makes sense to let our maids take over the cleaning of your home.

Final Thoughts

You need to have a clear understanding of how much time it will take to do certain cleaning tasks. You cannot assign yourself the cleaning of carpets on a busy night and think that you will rush through that and get it done before it is time for your activities to begin. As you look at the schedule you have for cleaning, think about how long each tasks will take and how much you can realistically get done each day and week. Find a balance between handling some cleaning on your own and reaching out for help.

Get in touch with us today. Let experts take care of your cleaning needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a professional cleaning service?

Make sure that those that you seek out will do the type of work that you are expecting to have done in your home. Not all cleaning companies will do all work and you have to make sure that they have the ability and the passion to handle everything. Talk with our team to learn what we can do for you.

Using a realistic cleaning schedule helps the busy keep their homes clean and know when it is too much and they need a professional team to help them.

What are the best products for a thorough clean?

An upright vacuum cleaner is often more powerful than a stick option and something that you probably want to have around. Bathroom cleaners that both tackle soap scum and fight germs can be helpful because of the double duty that they do.

What is a normal cleaning schedule?

A normal schedule does not go too deep but is more a reminder of the daily tasks that you should get done to keep your home looking clean.

How do I make a realistic cleaning schedule?

Start by walking through your home. Notice the things that need to be cleaned and write them down. Think about how much time you have available for cleaning and make a list of the most important tasks to handle.

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