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How MaidThis Cleaning Process Works?

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Our reputation for fast and efficient professional cleaning is directly attributable to the process we employ for rental cleaning. This process involves the following components:

Step 1

Fast and Easy Scheduling Process

Our cleaning company online scheduling system allows you to book multiple Minneapolis vacation rental cleanings in minutes. If you are using Airbnb, we may be able to link that schedule with ours.

Step 2

Professional and Experienced Cleaners at the Helm

Through an intensive screening process, we are able to find and work with the best maids in Minneapolis Minnesota, maids who know exactly how to go about cleaning vacation and Airbnb units.

Step 3

Providing Unit Damage Alerts online

Your vacation rental cleaners serve as the eyes for vacation unit owners who aren’t living in close proximity to their units. They use our online damage reporting system to report any damage caused by renters.

Areas We Serve

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re in one of these areas!


Available service areas:

55412, 55411, 55405, 55403, 55402, 55401, 55415, 55404, 55454, 55455, 55414, 55413, 55418, 55113, 55108, 55117, 55130, 55101, 55155, 55102, 55103, 55104, 55105, 55406, 55407, 55408, 55409, 55410, 55419, 55417

Some Awesome Companies We Work With

MaidThis Minneapolis trust badge

What is Included in Your Vacation Rental & Airbnb Cleaning Service in Minneapolis?

Our Minneapolis vacation rental cleaning and Airbnb cleaning services include bathroom and kitchen cleaning and sanitation and thorough room-by-room cleaning, leaving the unit sparkling clean and smelling fresh. Simply contact us with any questions you might have.

Laundry : Wash linens and towels

Make bed w/fresh linens

Sweep and Mop Floors

Vacuum Carpet and Rugs


Clean Mirrors

Clean Toilets

Empty Inside Trash and Place in

Outside Bins

Wipe Countertops

Wash, Dry, Put Away Dishes

Bathtubs/ Showers Cleaning

Fridge Cleaning

Stove Cleaning

What You Get

  • Service from experienced and precise turnover cleaning experts
  • No-show Guarantee that ensures services will be provided on time
  • Online control over the cleaning service scheduling process
  • Up-to-date online unit damage reports and cleaning result pictures
  • On-demand rental cleaning services like Airbnb deep cleaning service
  • Best wishes and gratitude from your professional rental cleaners
Professional maid

What You DO NOT Get

  • We can’t afford to allow unlimited customization of cleaning requests. However, we think of ourselves as affiliates in your home/condo rental business. We are always open to discussions regarding special cleaning needs.
  • Due to the cost and time investment you should not expect detailed vacation rental cleanings on every cleaning appointment. The goal is to provide guests with a clean and safe environment without breaking your bank account.
  • You won’t miss the stress you feel while worrying about whether or not your guests will have access to a clean rental. When it comes to being a top vacation rental/Airbnb cleaning service in Minneapolis, it’s hard to look past MaidThis’s stellar reputation in Minneapolis.
Professional maid

Case Studies


Increase in Reservations


Increase in Ratings


Turnovers Automated

MaidThis Customer Success Story: Lauren Gibson

Lauren’s Results

Increase in revenue

Increase in positive reviews

Happy guests

Rentals cleaned to a high standard by professionals

How MaidThis helped Lauren

An easy scheduling system

Assigns highly trained, professional cleaners

Excellent support service

Affordable, consistent pricing with no surprises

Notifications, confirmation pictures and feedback

“I definitely think that as a company we’ve been able to make more money, not only because we’re saving money by using Maid This, but also because they’re helping take a few of the necessary evils with doing vacation rentals off of the property managers plate.”

Laura G, Property Manager


Increase in Reservations


Increase in Ratings


Turnovers Automated

MaidThis Customer Success Story: Davida, Individual Host

Davida’s Results

Ability to grow to 9 listings

Scaled her property management business

Looking to expand even more

How MaidThis helped Lauren

Multiple primary cleaners, always has a backup

Allowed her to focus on Airbnb management, not cleaners

Allowed Davida to take same-day check in cleanings, which was not done before

“One of the biggest benefits to MaidThis’ software is that it’s linked to the Airbnb calendar, and it instantly creates a cleaning schedule which takes a ton of work and pressure and thinking out of managing things.”

Davida H


Increase in Reservations


Increase in Ratings


Turnovers Automated

MaidThis Customer Success Story: Elizabeth K, Individual Host

Elizabeth’s Results

Fully remotely managed operation

Ability to grow to 7 listings

Increase in positive reviews

How MaidThis helped Elizabeth

Finding highly trained, professional cleaners for her, as she is out of state

Ability to grow without hiring a property manager

Notifications, confirmation pictures and feedback

“Fortunately, I came across MaidThis and that was the biggest hurdle. I mean, I can decorate any place in no time, but obviously, in this business, a partnership with the right cleaners is very pivotal, especially if you’re trying to scale your business.”

Elizabeth K


Increase in Monthly Revenue


Increase in Ratings


Cleanings Automated

MaidThis Customer Success Story: Plushy Host, Property Manager

Plushy Hosts’ Results

Saved a $30,000/mo revenue property

Scaled roster of properties without worrying about finding cleaners

Expanded geographies

How MaidThis helped Plushy

Flexibility in finding cleaners for their unique property setup

Allowed Plushy to easily manage high-volume properties due to smooth turnover cleaning program

Allowed Plushy to easily manage high-volume properties due to smooth turnover cleaning program

“It’s processes, procedures. MaidThis’s referral service is outstanding. You really are the exception to the rule. We wouldn’t be able to operate in San Francisco and Los Angeles if you guys didn’t have such great cleaners for us there“

Henry B


Aside from Airbnb cleaning, what other maid services do you offer?

When it comes to being a cleaning company, we can proudly say we do it all. Home, condo, and apartment cleaning? We have all of that covered with a variety of affordable cleaning packages. By the way, we also offer commercial cleaning services throughout Minneapolis. Our commercial cleaning services cover office buildings, store-front businesses, and restaurants.

Can you tell me about your Airbnb deep cleaning maid service in Minneapolis?

Every now and then, it’s necessary to clean a little deeper to get at hidden dirt, grease, and grime. When summoned for Airbnb deep cleaning, professional maids handle the standard cleaning chores tasks and add chores like professional floor cleaning, professional window cleaning, and cleaning appliances, cabinets, and closets inside and outside. Our 5-Step Screening Process makes sure that all the maids coming to your home are experienced rental cleaning professionals.

How much would it cost for a condo or apartment cleaning service in Minneapolis?

While we don’t feel comfortable providing quotes or estimates without seeing the home, we can tell which factors we use to determine pricing. Our two primary considerations would be the size of the home/unit (square footage and or number of rooms) and the cleaning package you would request.

Since I don’t live in the area, how do I ensure my Airbnb cleaners have easy access to the key?

As a reputable cleaning company, we don’t allow your cleaners to carry your keys around on their persons. We can offer three (3) suggestions:

  1. Leave the key with a rental office representative if available
  2. Purchase a realtor lockbox for the front door and leave the key or code with our office.
  3. If it’s an actual home, you might be able to find a discreet hiding place around the home where you can hide the key.

How close to a scheduled rental should I schedule a subsequent rental cleaning?

It would be great if you could book your cleanings online the minute you know when guests will be leaving. The fact you can book multiple appointments ahead of time makes it easier for us to schedule your maids to be there exactly when you need them. 

What are the best options for Airbnb cleaning services in Minneapolis?

If you’re an Airbnb host in Minneapolis, ensuring your rental is spotless for guests is crucial for maintaining high ratings and repeat bookings. Thankfully, there are several great Airbnb cleaning services in the area that specialize in vacation rental turnovers. Airbnb cleaning service that should be on your top choice list should be known for thorough and reliable cleaning services.  It should offer customized cleaning plans tailored to Airbnb hosts, including same-day turnovers, laundry cleaning services, and replenishment of supplies.

Another requirement is flexible scheduling and detailed cleanings, focusing on areas that guests often scrutinize, like bathrooms and kitchens. MaidThis Minneapolis is a rental cleaning services provider that connects you with local cleaning professionals who specialize in vacation rentals and Airbnbs. Our rental cleaning service not only helps you find reliable Minneapolis Airbnb cleaners but also integrates with your Airbnb calendar to automatically schedule cleanings after each checkout. By investing in our professional Airbnb cleaning service, you can maintain a five-star experience for your guests, leading to better reviews and increased bookings. It’s a small investment that can significantly boost your rental’s success in the competitive Minneapolis market.

Contact us if you need a great cleaning service.


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